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What I Did 350 Times That Helped Me Lose ?? Pounds of FAT {My 10 wk body transformation results – Part 2}

Losing fat and toning our bodies is no easy task.  Just a simple ten weeks ago {19 months after baby #2} I threw in my towel.  I needed help. I was … [Read More...]

Picture Parable of the Week (Pic Devotions)

"Christ in you, the hope of GLORY!"

How To Radiate Beauty (Picture Parable of the Week)

The other morning before Robert left for work I asked to sneak out for a walk…alone!  A walk without strollers, cries, or my 3-year old’s questions.  I just wanted to be with God in the quiet for 15 minutes.  Robert encouraged me to take this time so off I went. I walked past a ditch I […]

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