Picture Parable of the Week (Pic Devotions)

"Christ in you, the hope of GLORY!"

How To Radiate Beauty (Picture Parable of the Week)

The other morning before Robert left for work I asked to sneak out for a walk…alone!  A walk without strollers, cries, or my 3-year old’s questions.  I just wanted to be with God in the quiet for 15 minutes.  Robert encouraged me to take this time so off I went. I walked past a ditch I […]

Honestly...what cloud are you under?!

What cloud are you under?

After watching Frozen for the twentieth time, I couldn’t hold it in any longer!  This movie makes my heart do back flips!  From our identity in Christ to learning how to love like Jesus, it’s so much more than the next greatest Disney movie. As I giggle watching Olaf, the comical frozen snowman, I can’t […]

Why keep your personal party all wrapped up??!

Unwrapping Your Potential Party

My daughters and I were walking through Target when I stopped at His prompting.  I gazed down the party supply aisle.  The Lord spoke to my heart and said “You know, every day is a party with me…”  I know… my heart whispered in excitement.  Oh, how I truly, truly know that, Holy Spirit…  What […]

salt photo with name

Are You “Salty” or Salt?

Whenever I see salt I think of a number of different things from God’s perspective, but one that sings loudly is God asking me: Are you “salty” or “salt”?  We are daily given the opportunity to respond to a number of different people in various situations.  I see this picture and it reminds me to question […]


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