Day 6: Sick Baby

Today is Day 6 of 40.

What if we did this for today?  But what if we did it for 40 days?!

{If you’ve heard my rant about this then scroll passed this to today’s account below the (*******) line}

Our goal for 40 days is to strengthen and nourish our spirit, soul and body.  Sounds so sophisticated and a little boring to me…  but what if it got kind of specific…  and…  what if it kind of worked?!!?

We create (Do you need the definition too?  Because I did!  So I looked it up for us!)

create:  (verb)  cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions

This drives me to become aware of what I am actually creating.  I’m REEEAAALLY good at creating a grumpy attitude, a negative outlook on life, an overwhelming feeling, 30 extra pounds, irrational thinking….  I am just one talented woman.  You too?  {Big sigh}

But what if we became more intentional about what we were creating each day?!

What if we did these three things each day?!

  1. Create conversations with God by talking to Him (prayer) and/or studying the Bible. 
  2. Create smiles, memories, feelings, giggles, and moments with people by taking the time to stop and be in the moment.
  3. Create fuel for our body with the foods we choose.

For my own life, I notice that I start going into a spiral of the “blues” then slowly but surely off track when I start hiding from God, from people and hiding IN my pantry….  {Anyone else do that too?!}


Today’s Life with Jamye

Day 6 of 40.

 Seriously.  This entire process is a lot more than I expected.  It sounds so easy get strong by just doing three simple things.  Ya know, like how easy it sounded this morning for Dr. Oz to explain how to get the perfect beach body.  Seriously Dr. Oz of course it’s that easy but it’s THAT hard too!

Here’s the picture from my dentist chair to actually sit and watch TV. Ha!

1. {Spirit}

I woke up this morning only because Benjamin was awake.  He has a cold.  Colds on a now 7 month old don’t do a nursing mama’s night sleep well.  I want to have a good night sleep more than anything, but when the choking, gaging, and suffocation sounds come from his room to this “high alert” mama, it doesn’t make for much sleep.

That currently kept me from a full nights sleep last night. One nights not too bad. So I can’t complain. It’s the season.

What about you?  Having trouble getting a full night’s sleep?  I hope not!  If not, rejoice!  That’s one big win for today!  Right?!  High five!  I’ll be back there with you soon enough.  For now, prayers for the cold to go.  Poor little fella.

This was last nights good night routine with the girls. Benjamin watched and was all giggles. Who knew that this baby would have a cold that night. Isn’t he precious?!

Anywho, I wish I jumped out of bed early enough to do my Armor of God study, pray, or just sit with Him and be still…but I didn’t.  Breakfasts created, baby nursed, lunches made, backpacks packed, … quick trip to Target before school….  and wow…. you get the picture.

I finally sat down this afternoon to nurse and felt led to look at my “you version” Bible app. They always have a great verse of the day image. One that caught my attention was this one below… the word “keep” resonated with me.

With all the ups and downs throughout the day, it’s hard to keep anything at the forefront of our minds. But this word KEEP makes sense. To KEEP.

Well, that’s about how deep I got with Scriptures (The Bible) today. I’ll take it! Better than a few days ago! 😉

Where does this day go?!!?

2. {Soul-Mind, Will, & Emotions}

Although I didn’t mention it above, today is one of those days I wake up with an instant irritation and a grumpy attitude. It was the dentist day. The day scheduled to get some “work” done.

I have a little bit of “history” with a dentist. You have to leash me up and draaaag me there. You know…. the way we have to get our dog to the vet or groomers. I’m the same way.

My mature toddler self comes out and I pretty much throw a tension tantrum. I’ve been three times in the last few months. And to be honest, today was the very FIRST time I felt like I could handle it.

I actually felt stronger!

Not because the procedure was easier, but because I had faced my fears a few times, leaned on God for strength…. annnnnd….. sat in their massage chair, had them turn on the tv, continued deep breathing…. and I’m stronger! Big win for today!!

We lean on God but seriously, we use the tools He’s given us. I’m still wondering why I don’t get a prize or reward at the end. Seriously. Don’t we all deserve a post dental work reward?! Like fro-yo or something!!?? 😉

This sure wasn’t easy since Benjamin was miserable with a cold Grandma and Grandad were right there to tend to Benjamin and Shyloh and take them along side their weekly Costco run. Oh how excited was Shyloh! But really, oh how excited I was and blessed to have that support during this time. So so thankful. [Thanks mom & dad!] 😉


Many lovely chats today. Gym chats. Park chats. It was beautiful. Watching these women be them. Uniquely them. All different. It’s inspiring. I’m truly enjoying this.


One of my most treasured times today was hearing Robert walk into the house after a long days work and immediately engage with the kids. I was busy with Benjamin and he began a two-touch game with Emma; meanwhile having by Q & A with Shyloh.

This blessed them so much. But it really blessed me. It softens the intensity of the day and just lets us breathe for a simple moment.

Maybe you experience this in a different setting than mine. But don’t we just love it when that person walks in the room… a friend, coworker, employee, etc to make more space to breathe?? I am so thankful for that.

3. {Body}

One great thing about today was that my schedule was so full that I didn’t have time to want any “junk” food.  The hard part was actually getting in all my meals!

Here’s the tracking for today! Nothing fancy but another day, another Win!  So while Dr Oz states the simple and sounding easy, it’s not. The simple things we do are difficult, but I’m finding them to be so rewarding, and making me so much stronger already.

All my love,



Weekly Carb Cycle Tracker Blank Template


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