Day 16 of 40: One Name Friend

Today is Day 16 of 40.

What if we did this for today?  But what if we did it for 40 days?!

{If you’ve heard my rant about this then scroll passed this to today’s account below the (*******) line}

Our goal for 40 days is to strengthen and nourish our spirit, soul and body.  Sounds so sophisticated and a little boring to me…  but what if it got kind of specific…  and…  what if it kind of worked?!!?

We create (Do you need the definition too?  Because I did!  So I looked it up for us!)

create:  (verb)  cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions

This drives me to become aware of what I am actually creating.  I’m REEEAAALLY good at creating a grumpy attitude, a negative outlook on life, an overwhelming feeling, 30 extra pounds, irrational thinking….  I am just one talented woman.  You too?  {Big sigh}

But what if we became more intentional about what we were creating each day?!

What if we did these three things each day?!

  1. Create conversations with God by talking to Him (prayer) and/or studying the Bible. 
  2. Create smiles, memories, feelings, giggles, and moments with people by taking the time to stop and be in the moment.
  3. Create fuel for our body with the foods we choose.

For my own life, I notice that I start going into a spiral of the “blues” then slowly but surely off track when I start hiding from God, from people and hiding IN my pantry….  {Anyone else do that too?!}


Today’s Life with Jamye

Day 16 of 40.

Obviously I didn’t get to a blog post last night!  I’ve missed 3 of the 16 days so far.  Not bad, right?!  😉

1. {Spirit}

I took an early shower and sat down on the sofa to dive into the Word of God.  My sweet and delightful moments with Him.  120 seconds later….  there was a cry….  And the “party” started.  ….

I got to listen to a sermon while cooking breakfast and driving in the car.  I’ll post it in case it blesses you too.

“Coming Out of the Drought”

2. {Soul-Mind, Will, & Emotions}

I had such a sweet day with a friend.  We became friends when she was pregnant with her third (and final) child.  I haven’t seen her in months and today we spent almost 3 hours together, laughing, sharing, tearing up, and relaxing together.  She filled my soul.  She blessed me so much.

This friend is one of those friends that is just a one name friend.  Let me explain.  I usually save people’s names in my phone with a description of who they are, where I met them and a method of remembering them!  {For example: Sally Smith Stone, church with two children and sat two rows in front of me went to HS together with my cousins neighbor.}  Okay, it’s not THAT bad but seriously, it’s pretty specific.

But, this friend?  She doesn’t even have a last name in my phone.  I think God knew that we had a divine connection from our first park play date together.  She’s just ______.  That’s it.  Yet that one name means so much.

She’s the main reason we have Benjamin.  She’s helped shape my life.

I sat in her peaceful home, sipping coffee, observing her peace.  She looked so good.  It gave me hope that when Benjamin is 2 years old, I’ll too be able to relax and rest in that peace.  I felt so rich today watching her and listening to her.

I have to be honest, I had to intentionally create the time to meet up with her because it’s not easy for me now-a-days.  To take a shower, get ready and have enough of a brain to carry on a social conversation is few and far between.  Today was a strong day in that respect.  I didn’t go there perfect.  And that was okay.  I went there just as I am (but I did shower and put on real clothes and wear make up!).

It was just too sweet.  I loved listening to her heart, her stories, her feelings, her laughter…  It was so rich.

With tears in her eyes she shared how much I meant to her.  How truly loved I was.  It was awkward.  Uncomfortable.  And so incredibly STRONG of her!

Seeing her ability to unzip her heart and just share love and life with me, with words, with emotions,….  that challenges me live with that type of strength.  I can sit here behind a keyboard and strike away with an unzipped heart, but let’s be honest…. I never have to say all these things to your face.  She did that.  That challenges me to be more “all in” in my relationships.  I like that.  That’s strong.

Thanks friend for today.  Thanks for being you!

The rest of the day was filled with a kids’ friends, home baked cookies, Open House for our 1st grader…  It was a beautiful day!

3. {Body}

Well, there’s not much outward progress at this point.  I haven’t worked out in way too many days.  And I haven’t followed my carb cycle plan for over a week.  But one thing I have done is aimed to feed and fuel my body and NOT feed my exhaustion nor emotions with food.  This is obviously a very loaded statement but all this to say, I’m getting somewhere.

I’m making more strategic plans to get myself on the track back to strength …  physical strength that is.  Sorry that’s a bit vague for my apparent transparent blog posts but maybe more will come with that.  I have a plan.  😉

New Bandaid Position

I’m a little discouraged about the healing on my forehead.  Today marks 10 weeks of watching this “hole” in my forehead fill in.  It’s filling in….slowly….  but I started to expect it to look more invisible.  It’s not.  I’m a bit concerned and discouraged about that.  But onward, right?!  There are things I can control and things I can’t.  I’m praying for my body to heal itself with the grace of God.

Maybe I’ll have an after picture, bandaid free in two more weeks??  I’m praying so!  For now, it’s still healing.  And so am I. 😉

Here’s a snapshot of my new band aid look.  I decided to angle it the opposite direction to spice things up a bit.  You like??!  😉  LOL You gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

All my love!



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