Day 26 of 40: Starting Monday

Today is Day 26 of 40.

What if we did this for today?  But what if we did it for 40 days?!

{If you’ve heard my rant about this then scroll passed this to today’s account below the (*******) line}

Our goal for 40 days is to strengthen and nourish our spirit, soul and body.  Sounds so sophisticated and a little boring to me…  but what if it got kind of specific…  and…  what if it kind of worked?!!?

We create (Do you need the definition too?  Because I did!  So I looked it up for us!)

create:  (verb)  cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions

This drives me to become aware of what I am actually creating.  I’m REEEAAALLY good at creating a grumpy attitude, a negative outlook on life, an overwhelming feeling, 30 extra pounds, irrational thinking….  I am just one talented woman.  You too?  {Big sigh}

But what if we became more intentional about what we were creating each day?!

What if we did these three things each day?!

  1. Create conversations with God by talking to Him (prayer) and/or studying the Bible. 
  2. Create smiles, memories, feelings, giggles, and moments with people by taking the time to stop and be in the moment.
  3. Create fuel for our body with the foods we choose.

For my own life, I notice that I start going into a spiral of the “blues” then slowly but surely off track when I start hiding from God, from people and hiding IN my pantry….  {Anyone else do that too?!}


Today’s Life with Jamye

Day 26 of 40.

Sorry that I missed the last couple of days of blogging our 40 days to getting strong.  Sometimes you just can’t do it all and that’s okay!  We’re still moving forward and seeing great progress on this journey to strength, right?!  Only 14 more days to seeing great progress in the strength of our spirit, soul and body!

1. {Spirit}

Seeking Him these last few days by reading the Word of God, praying to Him (mainly while driving), and focusing on one word:


You ever feel like God just gives you one word and you start seeing it everywhere?  Well this is the word for me right now….


2. {Soul-Mind, Will, & Emotions}

I’ve enjoyed these past couple of days so much!  Here are a few of the events that have my day filled to the brim with joyful giggles, love, and people I adore:

  • School Carnival
  • Visit with grandparents
  • Mother Daughter Bowling

It has been such a beautiful few days.  Definitely full but beautifully full!  I’m tired.  But tired in a good way.

3. {Body}

Sometimes you have to press the “reset” button and go back to what you know works.  Therefore, I’m getting a little bit more “disciplined” in my eating in an effort to have that bring me freedom in time, energy, and ability to gain strength.

I started to food prep for the week but only finished about half of it.  Better than none of it, right?!  The reason I do this is because when I batch little tasks together, I can actually free up more time by blocking it.

I’m going to attempt to do that with my food again in order to gain more traction.  We’ll see.  The last three hours has been filled with baking chicken breast, tilapia, salmon, white rice, baked potato, sweet potato, and lots more! 😉

Onward into the gym tomorrow morning I go!  I went on Friday morning and it felt OH. SO. GOOD!

How about you?  What are you tightening up this week with your goals?!  Can you start it tomorrow?  Join me on a fresh start Monday!

All my love,



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  1. Wow!! Looks like some fun, productive, busy days. 💃🏻

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