Before And After Pics update & One Question….

I don’t even know where to begin this blog post.  I have about 30 minutes to write and I have to make the most of this moment.  I have one question for you and I don’t want to waste either one of our time.  So here it goes…  I just finished a few moments of crying because I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.  I am completely and most utterly confused.  Ever been there?!  So I’m going forward with this in hopes that I’m making the right decision.  I think I’m just nervous (but really, I think it’s just mere excitement!).

I have one question to ask you that requires your response and I’m a bit too nervous to ask because I’m not sure what you’ll say.  So I’ll filibuster through this blog with a bit of my story and my before and after pic.


I’ve learned to be vulnerable but seriously, this next step takes vulnerability to a whole new level…  it could end in possible rejection.  And psssst…..  I don’t like to be rejected.  Oh my goodness.  [Insert forhead slap emoticon here]  I’m nervous.  Can you tell by the crackling in my writing?!

So here’s the back story for any of you that might be stumbling upon this hot mess of a 36 year stay at home/dream at home, mama of three kids, 7 and under…

If you read any of my 40 Days journey (as found on my blog), you would read about a very weak, exhausted and overwhelmed mother of three.  “Unlock Your Potential by STRENGTHENING YOURSELF IN THREE AREAS!” I’d proclaim from a platform to hundreds of women.  I tried to follow my own ambitious advice.  Yet, I found my own advice to be a bit obnoxious.  You too?  :/

So I tried to listen to my own message.  I tried for a couple of weeks and was struggling.  Then circumstances changed and I started to gain traction.

I stopped blogging but I didn’t stop my strengthening progress.  In fact, I still haven’t.  I went super focused into getting strong and I couldn’t seem to fit blogging into the picture.  I wasn’t THAT strong yet.

Since May 2017 I started to get stronger.

6 months in and this is my before and after picture.

What I was doing was working!!!

Except normally I would’ve launched an 8 week course, a coaching plan, or something else to help you out too!  Women were constantly asking me to help…  What are you doing?  How are you doing it?  Should i?  Could I? How do you not stop? How do I stay motivated?  What will work for me?  But I couldn’t.  I couldn’t figure out why it worked for me this time, and for so long, and with almost extreme ease as the days went on.

I learned from previous experience that what works for me may not work for you.  I wanted to unfold this discovery even further!

I was learning so much about ME.  I was researching, studying, reading books, brainstorming, and ambitiously trying to piece this mystery together.

I learned a LOT!  And I’m still learning!

I don’t have a clean house all the time, I don’t always have the best attitude, and I sure don’t have all the answers….  But I have this deep imbedded desire to learn more about what will work for me, for you, for US!

This thought passed through my mind the other day and I kind of think I’m going to catch it and pursue it….

What if I could get 6-8 women who stare at themselves in the mirror with those same thoughts of hatred, frustration, overwhelm, exhaustion… to name a few….  And get us together and LEARN forward?!  We would ALL go on this pursuit together to follow that message to “Unlock Your Potential” by strengthening ourselves in only ONE area…. We’d be Potentially Fit!  Ooooo…I like that!!!  You too?!  Okay, maybe too cheesy but isn’t that why we love each other?!  Because you KNOW that I’m hokey and you still love me anyways!  😉

All my ideas have to pass the ultimate test……… The one where I ask my stable, confident, wise, and strong husband if my idea will work in the nature of our season and family life.



Oh my ….  This is what I pitched to the wise Dr. Sack.

Dear Babe (Yes, it was in email form)……

I know that I don’t always have dinner on the table, or the laundry done, or a great attitude, or even showered for the day….  But I have this idea….


WHAT IF…. I start a Mastermind group of 6-8 women?! 


I see it in my mind’s eye, Handsome.  It’s good.  REeeeeally really good!  I think that this might possibly be the breakthrough that WE are all looking for!  It’s not accountability, although that will come naturally.  It’s LEARNING together!!!  I have all sorts of insight about the basic food and fitness stuff but more than that.  I have learned SO much about human behavior and motivation!!!  So what do you think, Babe?!  Can I???  Please please please please??!

And that’s how the conversation went.

I got his response.

“Wow Love, I think that’s a GREAT idea!!!”

[Insert happy dance!]

Now here’s the vulnerable part.

I have to find 6-8 of you and trust that you have those same feelings of frustration, discouragement, shame, insecurity, yet desire, ambition, and a hunger for change.

Pssst.  It’s actually so much more than about the food and fitness.  Just thought I’d throw that out there. 😉 wink wink

So I guess I’ll wrap this up with one question.

Anyone interested?? 

Only stipulation is this.

1)      You need to be a woman.  Sorry guys!

2)      You need to want to change.  Basically, you can’t know everything already or have a perfect body.  😉


And yes, there are logistics.  I’ll throw that on this page link.

Because our time is so valuable, we must make the most of this weekly hour together on virtual video.  So I’ll do all that busy work for us and you let me know if you are interested!

I’ve missed you all!  I’m REALLY excited about this possibility of leveling up together with each other!  I need you.  I think you might need me.  And I know that we’re better together!

Sign up to be on the wait list Beta Mastermind Group here.


All my love,



  1. Wow! Great idea. Victories over reality of stumbles!! “Going from strength to strength….”. (From Psalm 84:6-7 with some valleys along the way, including “the valley of Baca or weeping.” 😂). May all be encouraged through one another’s Encouragement – especially yours.

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