Print & Go: Family Easter Week Activity Printable (From “Party to Party”)

First of all, I must let you know that I am BEYOND excited for this new Mastermind group of women that will be starting in a little over a week.  My heart did backflips with the kind of response I received from my last blog post.  This is an incredibly beautiful group of women.

Now, onto this other area of my heart that does backflips….the Word of God…. and my kiddos.  It’s not always easy to spend time in the Word, yet I know it’s blessing and priority.  It’s just so hard to carve out that time with the demands of motherhood….any mamas get me??!

Sometimes my kiddos picture bible teachings is all I get on these high demanding days of motherhood.

Yet, when I get an easy PRINT and GO tool to use, it SAVES MY LIFE & TIME!!  (Hello Teachers Pay Teachers site!  YOU are a blessing!!)

I created this Print and go document for the children’s ministry back in 2012.  It’s not polished, and/or edited but I know you’ll appreciate the raw and realness of it! 😉

If you print it today, you can start it tomorrow!!  Do one day or do all 7 of them!  The kiddos will love tracking with the game board, and I’m pretty certain your heart will be blessed as well!

I know that so many of you do devotions with your kiddos and spend time in the Word with them already!  So here’s another print and go tool for you to use!  It’s FREE!!  I hope you enjoy!

Playing Board (Printable)

Game Cards 1 (Printable)

Game Cards 2 (Printable)

Game Cards 3 (Printable)

*please note: there will be some errors so thank you for your grace! 😉  The core content will be easy to follow though.  Enjoy my mommy friends!

Happy PARTY to PARTY week!!!

Talk about a transformation…  this week is a transformation like no other.

Lots of love my mama friends!


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