What if you had this simple 4 step process?

Have you ever tried to start something but can’t seem to finish it?

Yes. Me too.  Maaannnnny times!

What’s missing is this simple 4-step process.  I know I fail anything unless I follow these 4 steps!

In fact, when you begin to tell me just how disciplined I am, and how you are NOT disciplined, I want to point fingers back at the person (ME) who blogged a new “40 Day Journey” blog post series and…… well…….  got to day number 29 and QUIT!

Yes, I QUIT!

Why?  Because I am NOT super disciplined.  I’m super focused.

This last year has taught me a whole number of things.  After losing approximately 34 pounds, then for a number of reasons, gaining about 10 of them back but maintaining my body fairly well, I have learned that I’m no circus-act disciplined guru.  What I am though, is incredibly realistic about what I am and what I am not.

Self-discovery this last year has lent it’s way to clarity and focus for me.

Many of us fail to stick to any big lifestyle change.  Right?  We start the workout plan, we stop.  We start the diet, then 2:53 p.m. rolls around and we find ourselves in the drive-thru on the way home from school pick ups.

I get it!

It’s challenging to start and stop.

What if I told you that the reason for my success isn’t because of any magic pill.  What if I told you that the reason I believe that I have been able to start and stick to any progress change is because of my 4-step process. Wait a second, that sounds way too cliché.  It’s not just ANY process.  It’s my GOLDEN 4-step process!


Sounds so much better, right? {big sigh of satisfaction}

What I’m about to do is document my golden 4-step process—–steps 2 to 4.

I wish I had time to disclose everything to you this morning but I can’t.  I will simply pull back the curtain, allow you to watch every day in this process for 9 weeks.  Now, please understand that my emails may resemble that of a journal entry.



Not clear.

But what will be focused is the messy journey.

I don’t want you to walk away with some impression that change is easy.

It’s NOT.

It’s hard steps that happen every single day in small, tiny, itty-bitty steps to get to a cm closer to your ultimate goal.

My focus: Lose 15 lbs by Saturday, June 30th.

Start date?  May 1, 2018.


Food: Eating a carb cycle plan.

Fitness: Working out 6 days a week.

I know that you feel like  you’ve just jumped into the middle of a conversation and you are missing something.  I’m sorry.  I have a tendency to do that.  Ask my hubby.

Just know this.

You’ll be watching my ONE area of focus: body transformation for 9 weeks.

And then, if I can somehow get the time to share with you my Golden 4-step process, I will.  but for now, enjoy watching what happens every single day (for me) to get my body to change. Ugh.

I have to be honest in sharing that I don’t like tracking this process because it’s HARD ENOUGH to do the process but I’m doing it for two reasons: YOU and ME!  I enjoy the accountability.  And I LOOOOOVE encouraging you in your changes!!!!

Now, onto blogging the boring steps I take to get to the change.

PS Here’s an image of my Golden 4 Step Process.

  1. Look with Focus
  2. Work with Focus (Start your change–which is what I’m doing)
  3. Maintain with Focus (this step happens at the same time as step 2)
  4. Re-asses with Focus (this is what I’m working towards, Saturday, June 30th)

Each one of the steps involves a series of steps.

Step 1 is usually the step that everyone skips, misses and simply doesn’t know how to do.  I’m hoping to teach that in the future but for now, enjoy watching me work Step 2-4.

Please note: I will not be documenting my Step 3 because it just takes too much time.  So watch me go from Step 2 to 4.  And if my family leaves me or kicks me out of the house then know that I’ve failed step 3.  🙂  Just saying!

Love to you all!  Happy blogging, right?!


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