Day 2 of 60

Sorry if there was confusion yesterday.  I felt the need to start off today with the fact that I feel incredibly fantastic in my current health and body right now.  When January hit, I had been spot on my eating for more than 9 months.  In fact, I felt absolutely zero urge to binge, overeat, and/or eat off plan.  Eating to me was no longer a diet, it just was the way I ate.  It was my lifestyle.  I was nourishing my body and it felt fantastic!!!

When January hit, I started to pursue many (too many) different goals and I got a bit overwhelmed.  Therefore, I decided to flexible diet, IIFYM (count macros), track my food (which I hadn’t done for over 9 months).  And that apparently lends it self to having to use self-control–make choices day in and day out.

I do NOT like to use self-control because as studies show, it’s like a muscle, and it exhausts itself.  Therefore, if I can eat without having to use self-control, but rather, a habit, then that’s what seems to work for me.

And that is what this 60 day journey is for me.  It’s to get back to that place I was at for 75% of last year.  Mind you, I ate like that for almost 80% of the week but as we all know, there can be a lot of damage (out of control eating) done in 20% of that time.

Nothing crazy.

Just not nourishing foods and more like carbs and processed foods.

Seriously, nothing out of control really, just too many extra bites here and snacks there.  And whoops!  An extra 10 pounds.  Wow.  That’s reality I guess. (Psst-I had lost about 34 pounds so I still felt amazing!  Just not on track.)

That entire time I was going to the gym.   Therefore, that brings me to the point that any body transformation is done in the kitchen (with your mouth) and not necessarily in the gym.  That should bring some hope to a lot of us, right?!

I work out for the health benefits, to feel strong, and to keep those healthy hormones in my brain.  I need it to stay sane.


Focus is powerful.

Therefore, I’ve stopped pursuing just about everything and I’m back to incredible focus with my habits again.  That’s ultimate freedom for me, personally.

I love habits because they don’t tax your self-control (uh-hummm….that’s how I did it for over 9 months without one slip up…kind of crazy to believe!).

So back to the food habit I go.

Day 2.

Yesterday felt like a detox.

At about 4 in the afternoon I was grumpy, moody, and had to really dig deep into my soul and ask God for a refreshing of attitudes because I it was NOT coming naturally.  Haha  :/  I managed to shift my attitude but man oh man was that a struggle.  Big one.

We had a daughter with an ear infection so that made my workout plans go to my Plan B–garage workout (which I do not like).  I did it.  For 45 min.  Glutes, legs and HIIT.  I was sweaty and felt good.

Food was a high carb day so that looks like this.

Meal 1

5 egg whites

1/2 cup oatmeal

1/3 cup blueberries

Meal 2

2 chocolate rice cakes

1 scoop whey protein

Meal 3

3 oz chicken breast

2 cups stir fry veggies

5 oz sweet potato fries (baked slices)

Meal 4

Quest bar

red pepper slices

Sugar snap peas

Meal 5

3 oz. chicken breast

1 cup stir fry veggies (no oil)


5 oz. red potatoes

Meal 6

4 Egg whites

1/4 c corn

1 scoop Fiber Dx drink

I tracked it for you yesterday but I normally don’t.  It was 1460 calories.

154 g. protein

165 carbs

40 g sugars (yesterday was 28)

20 g fat

fiber 41 (yesterday was 36)

I am feeling fantastic!  The habit is going to come back quicker than ever.  SO SO SO excited to get back into the groove and not have to think about what I eat nor make choices.  It’s separating food and feelings for me.  That topic is for a whole other post.  Onward to today for Day 3 of 60.

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