Day 3 of 60

It’s already starting to work!  I can feel myself getting back to the place of habit.  That feels amazing!  Needless to say, those afternoon lulls and exhaustion just about test every ounce of self-control juice I have.

You see, exhausting our self-control doesn’t just come from food.  We make an enormous decisions in the day.  And every time there is one decision made, we tax our self-control.

Also, every time we choose to respond sweetly to our children, friends, co-workers, driver on the road, etc. instead of with some grumpy attitude, that’s self-control.  So maybe those of us who are doing a great job at having a good attitude might be taxing our self-control, and find it difficult to say no to that latte or that pastry.  Orrrrr, maybe you’re just so so sweet!  Probably that.  Right?!

Regardless, there’s just way too much research done on self-control and the power of habits for me not to get back on the habit train and watch science transform my body back down to a lean state.


Low Carb Day

(I did not track anything on My Fitness Pal today because I ate within my options and NOT tracking for me saves me SOOOO much self-control.  I just eat on plan and I don’t have to worry about more than 2-3 options for anything.  I think this is my simple secret.)

Meal 1:

Black coffee during my Love Sacrifice (time & worship, as taken from Stage 2 in my Bible Study “The Red Carpet Heart”) in the morning and reading (I have a NEW book I’m starting this morning!  Yay yay yay!!  Can’t wait!)

1/3 c oatmeal

1/3 c bluebberries

2 eggs whole

3 egg whites

Meal 2

1/3 cup white rice

3 oz. chicken breast

stir fry veggies

16 cashews

Meal 3

3 oz. chicken breast

1 low carb tortilla

2 oz. avocado

stir fry veggies

tortilla with salsa

Meal 4

One (Birthday Cake flavor—–YUMMMM!) Protein bar

black coffee

Meal 5

3 oz 93% lean ground turkey Italian burgers (that means I broil them with shredded zucchini)

sugar snap peas

Meal 6

4 egg whites

1/4 c corn (to cool my egg whites down and because I like the sweet taste of it, this is probably a weird thing I eat but seriously, at the end of the day when a big bowl of cereal or ice cream sounds nice, this does the trick!)

Fiber DX scoop with water

And that’s a wrap folks!

Tiny steps.

Daily steps.

I SO doubt the process at about 3 in the afternoon but staying on track in the past is what works for me.  So I shall do the same today…Day 4.



  1. Some good ideas. Thx.

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