Day 4 of 60 {Weigh-in today}

Well, today is the day I step on the scale.  And to be honest, I LOATHE the scale because it is such a poor indicator of the slow and steady changes that we make in our journey.  Pictures are better, but sorry guys, I don’t ever post “bikini” pics on this website, nor my instagram.  Those are sweet and lovely images for my husband.  ;)…. And….for you if I show you in person, or in one of my online groups.  I just don’t feel comfortable with those schnazzy shots on the internet.  Ha!!  But no judgement for others who do!  I guess I just don’t feel comfortable myself.  Ya know?!

Yes, I let my online coach {@DeborahGoodman80} post them but that’s because my head was chopped off.  Hahaha!  It’s my own personal value/comfort level.  Weird or not, it’s just not a way that I will be tracking that for you… the scale it is.

Weigh in on Tuesday May 1, 2018 was 149.0

Weigh in Saturday May 5, 2018 was 147.4 [-1.6 lbs down in 4 days….]

Down 1.4 lbs in 4 days.  Wow!  Right?! Ha, no.  It doesn’t really matter to me.  It just proves the fact that I was in a glucose holding “bloat” but that said, if I continued in that state the I would have continued to add fat to my frame.

What I do care about are my inches.  Specifically my belly area because that’s where I hold my fat.  I measure in three different areas:


belly button

love handles (below belly button)


Thin: down .75 inches

belly button: down 1.0 inches

love handles: down 0.5

THIS is what matters to me because this is what breeds disease.  When there’s belly fat, there inflammation in my system and there’s breeding ground for disease.  I don’t want that.  And I’m assuming that non of us do, right?! 😉

Day 4 Foods

Low carb day

Today was the FIRST day in over 1 year that I’ve had a LOW carb day on a Friday.  Friday has always been my High carb/cheat night.  That means Friday night fro-yo trips for yours truly.  Yes, I taste those two new flavors a week like a fine wine.

I pour the sample.

Take a step back.

Survey the flavors…

THen decide on what pairings would be best.

Hahaha!  It’s just become such a sweet place of REWARD for me!


Speaking of rewards…  That’s exactly what I have had to learn.  Since I could feel myself leaning towards exhaustion yesterday on my low carb fun fun no-fro you Friday, I decided to reward myself with a non-food item.

Guys!!!  I ACTUALLY planned for a 1 hour foot massage!!!  I had a coupon for $20 and man oh man is that a first for me!  Mom guilt leaves me to never ask for time off and believe that this martyr way is that true blessed life.

It’s not.

It’s recipe for burnout.  Bitter roots.  Sassy attitudes.

Well, that’s for me anyway.

I chose not to neglect myself and ask Robert (my amazing and hot hubby) if I could go.  And of course he said “YES!!  I think that’s a great idea and you’ll love it!!!”  I am sure blessed to have the hubby that I do.  He watched all three of the kids, fed them dinner, vacuumed the house….  and I came home to he and the girls in the backyard swinging on the swings….

I know, seriously!??!  He’s a winner!!!

Okay, on to the food…

Meal 1

1/3 c oatmeal

1/3 c blueberries

black coffee

3 egg whites

2 eggs

Meal 2

whey protein with water

1/3 c white rice with peas and corn

16 cashews

Meal 3

3 oz chicken breast

1/3 white rice

16 cashews


meal 4

One Birthday Cake protein bar (my faaaavorite!!!)

Meal 5

3 oz dark chicken


Meal 6

4 egg whites

broccoli and corn

1 scoop fiber dx

And yes, I’m working out 6 days a week with Sundays as rest.  It’s takes no more than 90 minutes out of my day, sometimes only 60 minutes and to be honest, it keeps me mentally sane.  Lifting weights is therapy for me.  And HIIT, I have a love/hate relationship with. LOL

Well, that’s all for today!!

PS……. it’s my cheat night tonight guys!!!!!  Robert’s taking Emma to dinner and her Father/Daughter dance at school, and I’m taking Benjamin and Shyloh on a date for burgers, fries and fro-yo!  SUPER excited!!!!

Being intentionally focused on what really matters in life has yet to disappoint me.

God. Is. So. So. Good.

He leads me on these paths and I’m forever grateful to Him for His goodness….and ability to stay disciplined.

You too?!

Big Hugs!!!



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