Days 5 & 6 with My Full Meal Plan Attached

When I write these meals down each day I realized that you don’t know what it is that I’m selecting from.  This is the meal plan (carb cycle) that I followed after 3 months of training with @DeborahGoodman80.  She gave me this plan but I tweaked it a little since I’m no longer nursing.

I prefer a weekly cycle.

I prefer fewer options.

I prefer boundaries.

I do best with all three of these things above.

I need limitations, structure and very few options.  That said, I also need freedom.  The vegetables are my freedom.  If i’m starving and in need of something to eat, I always know that I can grab few sugar snap peas, red pepper slices, baby carrots, or any other veggie and be set!

I find that not tracking my macros in My Fitness Pal is working best for me in my season with three kiddos.

ALSO….. another huge shift for me has been to cut out caffeine completely from my diet.  {insert huge gasp!}

I know, I know….  If you know me at all, you know that I love love love my coffee boost (all day long).

While sparing you all the details, I’m attempting to see if all the inflammation will go down in my belly and if my hormone levels will begin to balance out again.  I have a theory about this and I’m just attempting the horrible caffeine withdrawal headaches to see if this works.  Don’t you worry, I’ll keep you posted. 😉

And if you know me, you know I don’t nap.  Too much in the day to get done for a nap, right?!  Well, I napped yesterday for almost 2 hours while Robert watched the three kiddos!  Crazy, right?!  I think my body is in need of this caffeine detox.

Everything else in the diet remains the same.

Saturday’s Recap


Here’s my High Carb Meal plan for you.  I swap out meals 5 & 6 for a cheat meal (within boundaries) and fro-yo with toppings!

Meal 1

Same as on meal plan

Meal 2 items I chose from meal plan were

Whey protein and chocolate rice cakes (I ate three because I like them and because I didn’t have a baked potato prepped)

Meal 3 items I chose were

Chicken breast

sweet potatoes

peas and corn

Meal 4

One protein bar

Meal 5

Red Robin cheeseburger with lettuce wrap


Meal 6

Menchie’s fro-yo with oreo and reeces toppings….  And Shyloh, Benjamin and I went to Sees candy in the mall and I did get one sample of chocolate.

Robert and Emma had a Father/Daughter dance at their school and so I took out Benjamin and Shyloh for a Mommy date.  We had SUCH a wonderful time and I was so happy it fell on my cheat night!  Benjamin LOVED those fro-yo samples (please note…those sample cups are not edible….ha!)

Sunday (my low carb day with Day 1 of no caffeine…..)

Meal 1

same as on plan

Meal 2 choices were



no veggies

Meal 3 choices were

Chicken breast

white rice

stir fry veggies

Meal 4 choices were

One protein bar (and for some reason it tasted disgusting to me…. probably the lack of coffee on my tongue…  we’ll see how it goes today!)

Meal 5 choices were

London Broil (Robert made it for us and it was AMAAAZING!!!)

roasted veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, onions)

baby carrots

Meal 6

same as on plan with corn for veggies

We went to the beach this afternoon and had such an amazing “no technology” afternoon with the kiddos!  We saw one seal on the shore, two seals in the water, a dolphin, and a WHALE!!!!!!  I KNOW!!!!!!  I squealed a little!!!  Robert saw it too!!  It was such a beautiful and peaceful afternoon in God’s creation.  So so so good.

Well guys…  Day 6 is in the books and here we go into Day 7.

Thanks for reading and I hope my choices inspire you with your choices!  Onward into our best health.  Not easiest, but best!



  1. Wow! No coffee? That’s huge. 😉. Dolphins and whale❣️

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