Day 7 Habits

Just because something becomes a habit doesn’t mean there are days when it’s hard to stick to that habit.


It’s been a part of my life and flow in my day for so long.

The only time I abstain from coffee is while pregnant (although I did have a little bit while pregnant) and then afterwards, while nursing I cut it out and slowly increase it back in.

But when you’ve got such big changes going (having a baby), the coffee change doesn’t really compare in the scope of the new family addition.  At least it didn’t for me.

Yesterday was Day 2 without coffee.  I went into the gym for my leg/glute workout and felt like a zombie.  I only fell asleep twice on the leg curl machine.


But close.

I did it.  I worked out and even did my HIIT for 15 min.

The hardest part of the day was about 1:00 p.m.  Robert was gone to work and I had just eaten lunch and I was exhausted!!!!

Do you know what I did?!  I found that one thing that was mentally weighing on me (on my TO-DO list) and I started working on it.  And would you believe it?!  It boosted my energy!

I decided to start with only 10 minutes.  10 minutes snowballed into hours later and it was done!


I made it through that afternoon with only eating 1/2 protein bar extra than was on the plan and no coffee.

I feel my belly inflammation going down and I am still waking up at 1:00 a.m. but I’m sure my hormones will figure it out sooner or later that they need to produce melatonin and get me to stay asleep!  :))))

Anyway….here’s for Day 7’s Diet (LOW Carb)

Meal 1 same as on meal plan

Meal 2 whey protein, white rice, peas, cashews (were my selections)

Meal 3 Chicken breast, white rice, (I ran out of avocados so I went for 16 cashews), stir fry veggies

Meal 4 One protein bar (I also had an additional 1/2 bar bc I was craving more!)

Meal 5 London Broil, roasted veggies

Meal 6 same as on plan with about 1/4 c or less of trader joes corn


I keep it simple.  I keep my choices limited to the plan.  I keep food food and feelings feelings.  That’s what seems to have worked best for me throughout this last year.  🙂  More about food and feelings in another post.  But for today!  Happy Tuesday!!

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