Days 8 (low) & 9 (high): Oh…The Places You Eat

This title has nothing to do with going to restaurants but everything to do with my hokey connection of Dr. Suess’ books “Oh the Places You’ll Go”….  in connection with where a person-on-the-go eats their meals.

For me in this season of motherhood of a toddler, my meals are often spent where I can keep an eye on him!  So in today’s post I thought I’d let you into my world of WHERE my fine dining takes place….  Isn’t that a nice spin on this 60 days into my world?! Ha.  You’re welcome. 😉

Tuesday (This was my third day without coffee, and also my third low carb day–that’s NO JOKE people!  Whew! Also, not to be too open with you but in the world of cycles (men, plug your ears!!!  It was the day before my cycle began….  sleeeeeeepy and low energy would define this day!)

BUUUUT, I did it!!!  I only ate 1/2 extra of a protein bar and I was able to baby carrot snack my way through the rest!  Yay!

Here were my choices and where I ate these meals….

Meal 1 same as on plan, and standing up in the kitchen while making breakfasts for the family

Meal 2 Whey protein, white rice with peas and cashews—- standing up in the kitchen while getting snacks for the kids and lunch ready for Benjamin

Meal 3 Chicken breast, white rice with stir fry veggies and cashews instead of avocado —- outside in the sunshine on our blue cushioned patio furniture while getting some Vitamin D

Meal 4 1 and 1/2 protein bar with red pepper slices —- standing up in the kitchen while trying my VERY best to keep it limited to 1 and 1/2 protein bars and not the rest of the pantry!  I had to leave the kitchen immediately. Ha

Meal 5 London Broil (leftover from Robert’s delicious dinner), roasted veggies —I believe this one was standing up while prepping everyone else’s dinner….  I didn’t eat with the family on this occasion because I was starving and so I sat with them later on during dinner and ate

Meal 6 same as on plan with corn for veggie (yes, I could opt for a lower sugar content veggie since corn isn’t the best in macro sense but it seems to work for now so I’m sticking to it to curb my sweet tooth at night)—-on the couch while watching Robert try to figure out what Benjamin pulled out of our Direct TV box ……  whoops

Working out today was rough!  But I sweat my way through it and finished a shoulder workout with 15 min of HIIT on the stairs!

Day 9 (high carb day —-yaaaay!!)

Today was “Muffins with Mom” at preschool and I showed up in my workout clothes (because I treat it like my job, it’s a habit now to go to the gym 5-6 days for the past year), and I picked up a muffin so that Shyloh knew I wanted to eat it and had every intention to be involved eating this yummy muffin; however, there was a boy named Benjamin on my lap who devoured mine instead!  Hahaha….so cute!

I didn’t cry.

And Shyloh enjoyed our time together without there being anything missed by me not eating with her.

I am VERY careful about my eating not to be a big deal in an attempt that sends the message to my kids that “Mommy wants to be strong and healthy”  NOT ever the message of “skinny and I’m not perfect”…

I feel amazing.

I feel beautiful.

I am soo sooo proud of my losing those 34 pounds.

And in my reflection is HIS (Jesus’) perfection is my go-to message that I carry with me and pray I pass on to my kiddos.  THAT said, I believe in stewardship.  I’m trying to steward this body the best that I can.  Whoops!  Rabbit trail.

Back to topic.  😉

Here were my choices off of my meal plan…

Meal 1 same as on plan, and I sat down at the kitchen table to eat!!!

Meal 2 white potatoes, whey protein shake, and two chocolate rice cakes (my faaaavorite!!) — I ate these in the car while driving home from the gym…. yes, even my cold potatoes out of a bag….  So lovely, right?!

Meal 3 Chicken breast, stir fry veggies and potatoes (I ran out of sweet potatoes so I opted for this carb swap instead)— standing up in the kitchen

Meal 4 One protein bar birthday cake flavor with red pepper slices and sugar snap peas — Driving in the car for my 60 min rounds of pick ups

Meal 5 Chicken breast, cauliflower, peas and potatoes — partly standing up in the kitchen and the rest of it in the car while the family drove to an event at our church (dinner was served at the event but Robert and I ate ahead of time…. yessssss, Robert is meal prepping and nailing his macros too….  that’s a WHOLE other topic though for another day!!) :))))

Meal 6 same as on plan and with…. you guessed it!  Corn!  I ate this while sitting on the couch.



My conclusion as to where I eat is this….  Why in the world do we have a dining room table??!  Apparently I never eat at it.  :/  I’ll probably work on that goal.  RELAX….  take a 3 minute break and sit down to eat your food, Jamye.  😉

Have a terrific day everyone!!!

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