Days 11 & 12 of 60 {Weigh In Today!}

It’s my weigh in day today.  Yippee! {Complete sarcasm, ha!}

Steady wins.  I’m not sure if it’s “slow” and steady that wins or “fast” and steady that wins.  I’m pretty certain that the word steady is what wins here.

This is what I find about the word steady:

  1. firmly fixed, supported, or balanced; not shaking or moving.
    “the lighter the camera, the harder it is to hold steady” ·

    stable · balanced · firm · fixed · secure · secured · fast · safe ·

  2. regular, even, and continuous in development, frequency, or intensity.
    “a steady decline in the national birth rate” ·


Enough said, right?!

Isn’t that what we all want?  Is just a little bit more balance, rhythm, stability??

But here’s the catch.

If you want steady then and you want change, as in the change to be debt-free, relationship strong, weight loss, stronger, or any other behavior change needed, you will need to make some NON-Steady changes to your day.

Wow, that’s not a word but go with me.

In order to get a different outcome than what you already have, you need to make different habits/behaviors.

I know this to be true.

For example, when I lost the 34 pounds, my trainer told me riiiiight at the beginning…. “When you go back to your old habits, you go back to your old body….”

yea, yea, yea…. I got it.

The only problem was that in January, after I lost the 34 pounds and felt amazing, I decided to let go a little bit; relax, get a little more “balanced.” And the result of that was a fourth month slow and steady incline towards my old body.  I was going back to my OLD HABITS!  My work outs were in place but not my eating.

Knowing that I needed to trouble-shoot, I did that.

I got back to my 9 months of new habits and made that my new norm.  And ladies and gentlemen of this blog readership…. I have an announcement!!!!!

My weigh in this week is as follows:

Start (from this 60 day habit journey) = 149.0

Week 1 (4 days later) = 147.4 (down 1.6 lbs)

Week 2 (1 full week later) = 145.8 (down 1.6 lbs, again)

The verdict is out.  Steady wins.

But, it’s steady in our NEW HABITS (which at the beginning of them can seem like total instability and a HUGE life change in and of itself).

Day 10 Food

Meal 1 same as plan

Meal 2 white rice, whey protein, peas, cashews

Meal 3 white rice, stir fry, chicken breast, cashews instead of avocado

Meal 4 One birthday cake protein bar (and an extra 1/2)

Meal 5 London broil (leftovers for days! haha), broccoli and stir fry

Meal 6 egg whites with corn and same as plan

Worked out back from my week B work plans (I rotate between four 1 week workouts; A, B, C and D).  HIIT cardio stays that same of 60 to 100 minutes total for the week.  So that’s 4-5 days of 15-20 minutes using my choice of stairs, treadmill, or elliptical.

Mondays Legs/Glutes

Tuesdays Shoulders

Wednesdays Legs/Glutes

Thursdays Back (and arms)

Fridays Legs/Glutes

Saturday Shoulder


Day 11 (low carb)

Meal 1 same as plan

Meal 2 caramel rice cake (swapped for white rice because I ran out), cashews, whey, sugar snap peas

Meal 3 chicken breast, 1/2 tortilla, mixed pepper medley, riced cauliflower from TJs with peas,

Meal 4 Epic bar (this is like a turkey jerky….Robert found them and what a find!  They’re clean, has only 1-3 grams of sugar, and not full of chemicals!  Yay handsome!!  He identified them online then found them at Sprouts)

Meal 5 One protein bar (whoooops!  This was NOT on plan but was a swap because we had to be somewhere and I needed a grab and go and #1 I like it, #2 I know that the macros are a good swap out… not nutrients but macros–long explanation)

Meal 6 Egg whites and broccoli with same as plan of Fiber DX drink


PS…. Did I mention that my husband has been nailing his diet too??!!!  I can’t wait to share more.  But when I asked him why (because he looks amazing) it’s because he wants to feel good annnnnnnd the conversation might have gone something like this….

Me: Why are you counting your macros and tracking your food now?

Husband: Because I wanted to support you in what you were doing.

Me: Oh.  That’s nice.  But what’s the real reason??

Husband: (smirk) Because I know that if I am able to do it, I know that you’re ego is too big/competitive side too strong to let me do it and not you so, I figured that if I modeled this and was able to do it then you would be encouraged to keep going.

Me: (pause pause pause, processing, processing, thinking thinking…..) ………………  (still trying to figure out what just happened)…..  (complete silence from me… which is a shock!!)

Me: oh.  Thanks.  I think???


My conclusion.  He totally had me!  Like check mate!  Man oh man is my husband Dr. Sack for no other reason than to keep me, personally, mentally strong!  He was so right!  I take great pride and ownership of the fact that I can do this and this is my thing!  And then, right when I’m not looking….  He comes in and starts nailing his very own macros!!  WHAT??!!

And mind you, like no. big. deal.

He never complains about being hungry.

He doesn’t whine about not having food.

He doesn’t slip up.

I didn’t ask for this healthy competitive accountability but I think he’s got me.


I find it kind of flirtatiously fun and flattering.


Because I know that he adores me, and I adore him.  And this means the world to me.  So when he changes his behavior to an even healthier behavior it works, we both win.  And he’s laying down his desires to encourage and support me.

My goodness, if you’ve read the blog this far then you might think I have the best husband in the world…. and I do!  Hahaha!

But YOU probably do too!!!!!  It’s in the eye of the beholder (if you know what I mean)….  wink wink wink!  😉


Wow…  ladies and gentlemen….  that LONG blog was not a result of caffeine because I am on my 7th day without coffee!!  Yay! yay!

I feeeeeeeeeeeel FANTASTIC!!!!!!



Dr. Henry Cloud “It’s all Small” video

I hope it encourages you!





  1. Way to go, Dr. Sack!!

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