Days 13 (Cheat Meal) & 14 of 60

Cheat days are my favorite!  To spare you the details and make up for my extra long post (and really, my limited time in posting blogs), today will be short!

Day 13 food (high carb)

Meal 1 same on plan

Meal 2 whey with water, three rice cakes (chocolate of course!)

Meal 3 Chicken breast, broccoli and sweet potatoes

Meal 4 One protein bar

Meal 5 Instead of a cheeseburger Robert and I went on a date to LOVE PHO!  Yummmm!!!! And the rest of the usual date night treats!  Yummmy!

Meal 6 didn’t have because of my cheat night/date night


Day 14 food (low carb) Mother’s Day

Meal 1 same on plan (but Robert made it for me today)  🙂

Meal 2 rice cake because I didn’t have rice, whey and cashews

Meal 3 cashews, chicken breast and veggies

Meal 4 One protein bar & an extra 8 cashews

Meal 5 Dark meat chicken, with stir fry veggies

Meal 6 same as plan but with broccoli


And that’s all folks!


OHH!!!  And I had a cup of coffee yesterday for the first time in over one full week……annnnnddddd….  I’m thinking my stomach will do much better without it.

I’m still mourning that reality.

Don’t worry.

I’ll be okay.

Pray for me though.


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