Days 14, 15 and 16: Let’s Talk Supplements

With all of this low carb/high carb meal transparency for you, I realized there has yet to be a disclosure to what supplements I am taking.  This could get exciting!  😉

But on a side note; yes, yes, yes….. I just realized my days are counted incorrectly and I missed Day 10 (whoops!).  I didn’t really miss it, I just counted wrong.  I started blogging the journey for you on May 1st and I blog about it the day afterwards.  Therefore, today’s post should go up to May 16.

Whew.  We’re back on track!


What do I take?

You’ll be happy to know that with the consistency of my nutrition and eating the same things (give and take a variety of veggie selections), I am not too consistent with supplements!  Whoops!

BUT, I was while pregnant and nursing.

This is what I started taking regularly while trying to get off of caffeine:

Ashwaghanda root (thank you, Dr. Axe for the recommendation)  This helps your adrenal glands, which was the main reason for cutting caffeine.  I needed my hormones to balance out so the belly fat would disappear.  DHEA, cortisol, etc.  They need to be balanced and not completely shot (which I’m certain mine were getting rather exhausted with the amount of caffeine I was consuming).

Fish Oil

Vitamin D


Magnesium (CALM drink; I get it from Sprouts)

Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (ALA) to help stabilize my blood sugar levels (belly fat, anyone?!) 😉

Brewers Yeast (this is my go-to, thanks mom!, drink for all my B-vitamins; it’s my basic “happy” drink.  When I am feeling blue or lacking energy, I mix a heaping tablespoon into a glass of water and wah-lah! Not magic but science.)

There are others that I have taken in the past but haven’t taken regularly in the past year.  Those supplements would include: l-glutamine, BCAAs, etc.


I’m slowly introducing caffeine back in with a balanced approach.  I switched to an “Yogi blend” tea with all those balancing herbs in it.  It contains up to 80 mg of caffeine vs 160 for a SHORT (ha, that’s really a size…it’s like extra small, the coffee sleeve doesn’t even fit it) at Starbucks.

I have been sipping this tea every morning this week and I feel much more relaxed about life.

Yesterday I did order a SHORT coffee at Starbucks to get some work done while Benjamin slept.  Thank you for your long 1 hour nap Benjamin.  Hahah!  Apparently my mothering is waaaaay too fun for him to sleep through.  He wanted to play!  🙂

My stomach was okay and my moods were stable.  I won’t be doing that every day, at least not yet!  Ha!

I’m enjoying getting my circadian rhythms back in check.


14th (LOW) & 15th (LOW)

same exact things as the day before (except that I added mushrooms at night with my egg whites and corn, but that’s a veggie and I’m free reign with veggies)…. I know, boring, right?!  But boring seems to work for me.

16th (HIGH-non-cheat day)

Yay!  I love love love my high carb days!

Meal 1

same as on plan

Meal 2

3 rice cakes instead of 2 with 2 oz potatoes because I planned poorly.  Whey protein.

Meal 3

Chicken breast, green beans, sweet potatoes

Meal 4

one protein bar…..  and then another about 90 min. later.  Let me tell you, the 2nd 210 calorie protein bar was not in my macros/food plan.  Yet, it was a high carb day and I was craving something…, not hungry.  CRAVING something.  We call this EMOTIONS.  Yes, emotions.  It happens to the best of us.  Lots to do and plan for with the summer and this mama got a little bit overwhelmed at the scope of it all.  And it’s nothing overwhelming at all, it’s just how I respond to my own personal expectations.  Whew.  Therapy anyone?!  😉

Meal 5

chicken breast, baked potato, mushrooms and zucchini (quite yummy! this was cut and thrown in the sauce pan with no oil but water to cook with)

Meal 6

egg whites, corn, and fiber dx (as usual)


By the way, I am feeling incredible!!!  Have I stepped on the scale in between check-ins?!  Not a chance!  Are my clothes fitting better?!  Yes!  And how do I feel?  INCREDIBLE!!!  I want you to feel good too!

I wonder what you need to change, do, or start in order to make the steps closer to your best health ever….  It’s just fun to wonder together, right?

I pray you have a beautiful day and continue to move forward with your goals!  Each day is filled with choices, and it always seems to be the most peaceful when we make the wisest ones (wisdom: doing today what we’ll be happy with tomorrow said Joyce Meyer at some point in time)….  so much easier said than done, right?!  I know.  I know.

Finding your personality and what works for you and your expectation seems to be the best.  More on that later.

Love to you all!


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