Day 17 of 60


I’m not sure why they’re so powerful, but they are.

I was dressed and ready to get to the gym yesterday but I was in a meeting that was out of my control and took longer than expected.  Therefore, it was 10:50 a.m. and about 10 minutes away from naptime.

I could’ve gone but that would’ve sacrificed a naptime for Benjamin and he is also on a habitual routine; one that took me maaaaanny days and nights to train him on.  (I had to learn this as well, but it is by far paying off!!)

I went on with the rest of the day’s routine of pick ups, chores, tasks, dinners, etc. and found myself finishing dinner stating to Robert that I was bummed I didn’t get in my Thursday back workout.  He went to Crossfit and I should’ve gone to the gym right after he came home but that wasn’t my habit.  Going to the gym immediately after drop-off (no going home for me) is what triggers this habit for me.

Upon telling Robert my feelings, I realized that if I hurried out the door, I could run to the gym then get to my next appointment.  And guys!!!!  I did it!!!!!

First of all, the night time gym attendees are not at all like my morning crew! Ha!  Just saying.  Lovely people, I’m sure but boy do they have some colorful words at this time in the early evening!  🙂

I did my back workout and 10 minutes of HIIT on the stairs (actually, this time I added a new HIIT routine and I thought I was going to die).

*** 20 side to side walking squats

*** 10 banded jump squats

*** 45 seconds jogging at a 20 level on the stairs (warning….you might trip when attempting to stop… just saying, ha)

*** walk the stairs at a level 8 for 1 min.

*** try to catch your breath and get up enough courage to do that again….. hence why I’m at the gym and not at home doing this…..  If I was at home I would have definitely quit.  🙂

Repeat for 25 minutes (but I only did 10 minutes total due to time—-well, that and the fact that I thought I was going to die)

My conclusion is this: Habits work.  When a behavior becomes a habit (as my working out has for well over 52 weeks now) it becomes a daily behavior that is expected and enjoyed.  And when something gets in the way of that behavior it’s a lot easier to maneuver in your day when a conflict arises.  Such as my day yesterday!

At least this is what seems to work for me.

Finding what works for you is always key!

Food for Day 17 (low carb)

Meal 1 as on plan

Meal 2 rice cake (instead of rice due to convenience), 16 cashews, whey with water shake

Meal 3 Chicken breast, mixed pepper medley, tortilla (low carb whole wheat), and carrot sticks

Meal 4 One protein bar

Meal 5 chicken thigh meat (dark meat means a fatty or fattier protein source), stir fry veggies…. a lot of them

Meal 6 egg whites with corn and fiber dx drink with water

And that’s all folks! :)))  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!


  1. Whew! I’m tired!! Good job!

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