Days 18, 19 and 20: Weigh In!

Saturday morning was my Week Three weigh in.  Lovely, right?  I really didn’t want to step on the scale because I am feeling fantastic and the scale has always been a place confusion for me (and for anyone really).

I’m about to preach to the choir as I stare at myself in the mirror, uh-hum….but we need to hear this (or at least I need to hear myself say it… wink wink)

When you’re feeling fantastic it’s so easy to step on the scale and expect to see ___ results.  When those results don’t happen we conclude we either are or aren’t getting success, when really, the scale is such a horrible indicator of the transformation that is happening.  This is especially true if you are following a specific diet and a weight training program.

One person will lose more than 2 pounds a week and exclaim such victory when the truth is that it’s not all fat.  We want fat loss, not water weight loss OR even worse, muscle loss.  We want to keep as much muscle as possible because that’s the fat burning machine inside of us.

Whomp whomp whomp….I could stand on this soap box forever.  But you understand my point.

All this said, if the diet is right on to get you into a calorie deficit (not too much though) and you’re burning extra calories through a weight training and cardio program then you will transform your body.  It’s science.

This should happen at a rate of 1% of your body weight per week.  That is healthy.  That will create a long term weight loss.

Friends….. it goes SOOOOOO slow when you watch the scale.

Hence why I hate watching the scale.

I lost 30+ pounds.  Yay, right?!

That was over a period of 6 months!

Seems amazing until you realize just how long it took to do it in a healthy and sustainable way.

This slow and steady approach isn’t sexy.  It isn’t always fun.  It won’t sell millions in a weight loss program.  But it is the only way I see people lose weight and STAY at that weight.  No bounce backs.

That’s what we want, right?!

At least that’s what I want.

Sooooo drum roll please……

To date I have the following results:

Start  149 lbs

Week 1 147.4 lbs (-1.6)

Week 2 145.8 lbs (-1.6)

Week 3 (current weigh in from Saturday) 144.5 (-1.3)

So there we have it.  Yes, I stepped on the scale and knowing ALL that I just blabbed about, I thought  “I DIDN”T LOSE ANY WEIGHT??!!!”

Translation….  I didn’t jump back down to 138 pounds this week?!  What??!  I nailed my workouts….I ate spot on…  this is so lame!  Why am I even doing this?!

Then I caught myself and realized that I have to look at concrete numbers and how I FEEL.

First of all, I feel fantastic!

Second of all, I went down another 1.3 pounds.  This is exactly spot on and about 1% of my body weight.

Then, I measured my waist.  It’s down another FULL inch!  THAT is amazing!

I came back to reality and realized that I am right on track.

I don’t need to decrease my food intake, or work out any more.  I don’t need to cut my yummy cheat meals and dessert on Saturday nights.


It’s been a huge win.

A huge weekly win.

6 days a week training. 1 day rest.  I spend no more than 90 minutes (that includes travel time now) to the gym.

Food is 6 meals a day, following my carb cycle plan.  Carbs go from 110 grams on low days all the way up to 210 to high days (plus more for cheat meals).

It SEEEEEEMS like I’m not making any changes.

And that means that I am in the perfect spot for a true, long lasting transformation.

It’s how we paid off $194,000 in debt.  $200 at a time.

It’s long.

It’s boring.

It won’t sell millions.

It’s no quick fix.

It’s challenging at times.

And it’s incredibly easy as well.

So weird.

So true.

I’m your living proof.

So whatever small changes you can make today, I encourage you to do that today!  No crash diet.  No quick fix.  Just live today like you would want to live every day for the rest of your life and you might just experience a little heaven on earth.  Just saying.  You might be released from the pressure of “perfect”…

It’s a hard place to be in when we want to start running faster but let me encourage you to join me today in the mundane, yet powerful steps to creating life long healthy habits.

Maybe this applies to your finances, your relationships, your parenting, or your health.

Thanks for reading this long post and I pray that the God shows up in a mighty way in your life today.

It’s in the small things, right?!

So go make your bed, do your dishes, finish your laundry, and slap a smile on that pretty face (oh goodness, now brush your teeth! 😉 )

Thanks for listening, Jamye.  You needed that pep talk. 🙂


p.s. food has been same old thing.  Last night I added an extra 8 cashews to the low carb dinner but I cut my fiber shake because I ran out and it’s on order from Amazon.  In case some of you wanted to know!  :))))

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