Days 21 to 25: Week 4 Weigh in!

The results are encouraging!  Not on the scale, of course.  If I was simply tracking my progress and evaluating my success based off of the scale then this week wouldn’t be a victory.  But why get on that soap box again, right?!

When I evaluate my week I look at a few different things:

  1. Did I stay on track with my meal plans?  If not, why?  Was there emotional eating?  Were there times when I wanted to shove my face in the pantry and eat something?  Is that “binge switch” (basically that urge to eat something and the feeling that I am on a diet) ON or OFF?
  2. Did I do what I said I would do with my workouts?  6 days a week 60-90/day (60-100 minutes average/week with HIIT)?  If not, why?
  3. Did I enjoy my cheat meal?  If not, why?
  4. What did my measurements reveal?  How do I FEEL?  How’s my energy level?  My sleep?  My mood stability?
  5. How are the other areas in life going?  Do I feel stressed?  Overwhelmed?  How’s my relationship with children?  Friends?  And most importantly, how’s my marriage?

Often times we step on the scale in hopes of seeing a lower number and we might easily forget to evaluate all the other areas of the discipline and/or habit(s) formed during the week.

There are victories all around us!

  1. Yes!  I stayed on track and YES YES YES!  I am living my week with my BINGE SWITCH on OFF.  THIS my friends is the greatest blessing in alllllll the world for me.  I loathe the feeling of depravation and diets and saying no and self control.  I learned the secret of habits and how I don’t have to use my self control when I simply follow a plan.  That’s what I spent the ENTIRE last year developing….HABITS.  Did I slip back into old habits?  Yep!  From about January to April.  And I’m proud to announce I am back on track.
  2. YES!  I followed my workouts and even stretched myself (literally) by taking a yoga class.  I called up my good friend, Jessika, and asked her to go with me!  She seems like a yoga pro, and she delights my heart to simply be around.  Super win for me!!!
  3. YES!  I am about to enjoy my cheat meal tonight!  SUUUUUUUpper excited about that!!  And when I am SUPER excited about my cheat meal then I know that I am staying on my meal plans.  Whenever I veer off my meal plans (uh-hum–from about January to April), cheat meals didn’t feel like a treat anymore.  So when I’m obnoxiously jazzed about my cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce, fries, and fro-yo, then I know that I am on track!
  4. I LOST another FULL INCH around my belly!!!!  I feel fantastic!!!  My energy is better and sleep as been about 7-8 hours every night with little to no wake ups at 2 am now.  BIG WIN!!!!
  5. My marriage is fantastic!!!  We are so emotionally connected!!!!  We laugh, we giggle, we argue and make up, and we communicate.  We are IN RELATIONSHIP!  And I adore him and he obviously has no choice but to adore me!!!!!  (ppppppsssssttttt….  Handsome, if you’ve made it this far in reading my blog then yay you!!!) 😉


143.7 — down another 0.7 pounds!  This is less than my weekly average of 1.3 pounds per week.  Disappointed?  NOPE!  Why not, Jamye?  Because I lost a FULL inch on my belly.  That’s three inches around my belly in three weeks.  THAT, my friends is called fat loss and muscle maintenance and/or muscle gain!  That’s a huge win!


I have made some tiny changes and will share those with you below.

I most likely will not be blogging until next week’s check-in because I just can’t seem to keep up with this hobby.  Just know that I am staying on point and I will share my results with you next week.

My Goals.

Lose my belly fat.  Everything is wonderful, it’s this bloat and belly fat with intestinal inflammation that I am sick of.


I started this last week taking a few more supplements to help my insulin levels stay balanced.

Meal 1

Super enzyme


Alpha Lipoic Acid

L-Glutamine (5 g in water)

Meal 2


Meal 3

Super enzyme

Alpha Lipoic Acid


FIsh Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Vitamin D3

B vitamin

Meal 4


Meal 5

Super Enzyme

Alpha Lipoic Acid



Meal 6



My goal is to balance my hormones and get my adrenals back in check.

This seems to be working and I’m loving the results.

Of course, I’d probably still be making HUGE TINY gains each week without these supplements but I feel better and a bit more energetic.  A bit.

I’m a high-stress personality and I’m working on that.

A lot.

It’s stressful for me to just BE MINDFUL and be in the moment, but I’m doing it……..and I’m enjoying it…….  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD…… OR JUST BE STILL JAMYE…. get off your phone, breathe in and out and see what’s in front of you, smell what’s around you, taste the goodness of life, and touch, hug, smile, laugh, cry, ……. don’t be afraid to feel and settle into this very moment…..

This is what I’m working on.

I know it seems that I am a super disciplined workout junkee….and yes, I am.  It’s my hobby, I guess.  I love it.

But what I really am is an incredible wife, the most loving mother, and the best daughter of God that I can possibly be today….

Not perfect, but present….

My family is my life… I give them all that I can.

I battle this confirmation & confidence every single day. I gracefully am attempting my best to be that wife, Mom and daughter of of the most high God. “Rested and graceful” attempts that is. Confusing huh?! Lol

There are just too many attacks on our mind every day for us to fall prey to insecurity.



enough! :))))

Love to you all and I pray you are enjoying the simple steps to your habit!

Hugs hugs hugs and kisses!!!


Macro changes

Low carb day 170 g protein, 100 g carbs, 50 g fat (about 1550 calories per day)

High carb day 170 g protein, 200 g carbs, 25 g fat (about 1550 calories per day)

Low carbs days are Sun, Mon, Tues, Thursday, Fridays

High carb days are Wednesday and Saturdays (cheat meal for 5 & 6)

It’s my routine.  It’s what works for me.  Maybe I’m a nut but I find freedom in routine and discipline.  I need to “play in a playground with a fence.  If not, I wander off in the street….”



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