@CityChurch Discount! 48 HOURS ONLY!

City Church Family!  I am offering this 48 hour only discount!

Watch the video for the LIVE drawing to see who will win the spot for ONE FREE 8-week course!


If you are bummed because your name wasn’t called, dry your eye!  Let’s get you in the course and see your body transformed!

Regular course rate is $319 for 8 weeks of curriculum and coaching.

Discount for $239 up until February 19th!

HOWEVER……  if you sign up by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12th @ NOON, then you too can get the City Church discount!

“What if I don’t go to City Church??”

Well, fantastic!  Because City Church is such a generous church, we GIVE!!  I am opening this discount up to anyone that has been to, heard of, wants to, could go, or knows ME….hahaha…that’s YOU…to get this discount for only $199 for one spot in the 8 week course!

Wow! I’m feeling generous!

You won’t want to miss out!  You will be blessed!

Please note:  Registrations will be taken in the order they are received.



For more information on the course click here.