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What Others Are Saying

The Red Carpet Heart is not your typical bible study. It is a spiritual boot camp. It took me places that I never knew I could go. The Red Carpet Heart challenges you to look at your own life with spiritual eyes to dream big dreams, so big that only God could make it happen.

During my journey with The Red Carpet Heart I had two dreams. They were:

#1 Get pregnant. My husband and I had been trying for over 2 years with no avail.

#2 Disciple women both younger and older than me. I wanted to see women get excited about Christ.

When I started the boot camp, I really had no idea what I was going to experience. But within a week after writing down my dreams, they both came true! God is simply amazing! Right now I am 27 weeks pregnant with a baby boy (a true gift from God).  I am also discipling two women, one younger and one older than me. It is exciting to see their thirst for Christ.

The Red Carpet Heart has opened up the doors for a life altering change that only could be accomplish through the power of the Holy Spirit. People have witnessed this change in my life and to some, it is too much because of my joy and optimism. Yes, I have been told that. That is such an awesome compliment because people are witnessing the Holy Spirit is flowing through my life. I am so thankful for The Red Carpet Heart, my spiritual boot camp. I am ready to fight—fight the evil forces in this world. Satan doesn’t stand a chance! I’ve got the power of the Holy Spirit living in me!

Stephanie Buckley, Mother, Pastor’s Wife, and Nurse

”The Red Carpet Heart for me was like a much needed vacation. It was a great way to get reacquainted with my Savior. I had a chance to fall in love with Him over and over again, and even learned new things about Him along the way. This study showed me how to dream again about my future in Christ and how to walk that dream out to fulfillment. I would recommend to women of all ages.”

Brenda LaMont, Pastor’s Wife, Mother of 4 Daughters, and Bible Study Leader

“Carefully constructed through diligent meditation and instruction from God’s Holy word, The Red Carpet Heart will not only encourage you on a deeper walk with God, but also stir your heart to dig deeper into God’s precious word. This study is a faith builder that will help to guide you into greater depths of God’s plans and purposes for your life. The Red Carpet Heart shares pearls that open doors to kingdom principles and truths that will enable you to live a prosperous and abundant life through the simplicity of the understanding of who you are in Christ and the gifts that God has blessed you with.

If applied, the teachings in this book will not only change your inner life, but also cause an inner awakening to be birthed within you. As someone who reads books authored by many within the body of Christ, The Red Carpet Heart opened my heart to some fresh and exciting realities.

If you desire a closer walk with God, read this book and allow yourself to embrace the powerful spiritual truths set forth. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and fall in love with yourself as you learn to look at yourself through God’s eyes. This book will enrich your life, expand your faith and provide you with fruit bearing seed from God’s Word.”

Torrie Halas, fiancée and real estate agent

“I grew up in church in a family of believers.  God blessed me from birth because I was adopted into a family with three older brothers.  The Father knew that I needed my brothers to humble me and develop determination for His future works.  While I always found comfort in church, I never had a moment where I could say that I was in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I felt comfort in church, but I didn’t feel that sense of peace outside of it.  I was a typical “Sunday Christian”.  I was going through the motions but longing for more.  I wanted to be alive in the Spirit, to open the bible and know that the word was living in me.

Since starting The Red Carpet Heart, I have found the peace of the Holy Spirit.  I finally realize the price that Jesus paid for my sins and rejoice in the blood of the Lord that covers me and cleanses my soul.  Our Father has blessed me with time in prayer for people within His family and I have come to crave time in His presence.  This book has changed my life and I rejoice every day!”

Amy Brown, Wife, Mother of 4, and Elementary Teacher

“The Red Carpet Heart is an innovative way to look at complete transformation. It is not written as a theory, but as real life as lived by Jamye. I have seen the Lord do amazing things in her life and now she is sharing a path that can be followed by others to find what God has for each of us. The Red Carpet Heart offers a wonderful blend of biblical teaching and, as Jamye would say, walking it out. You will be encouraged, you will be challenged and you will walk new paths in Him.”

Glenda Buckley, Mother of 5, Grandma of 13, Wife of Jim Buckley of

“The Red Carpet Heart experience was life changing for me. It took my walk with the Heavenly Father to a deeper and richer place. My eyes were opened to see the incredible love and passion that my Father, the Almighty King has for me.”

Heather Willis, Wife and Mother of 3

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