Printable Prayer Declarations

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Newest prayer…  A Prayer for Motivation & Strength

A Prayer for Trust

A Prayer for Trust

Click here for a true testimony of the power of prayer in my life.

Prayers are powerful.  It is said that women use 20,000 words a day.  Those words can bring Life or Death with the power of our tongue.  I want to bring Life.

We have the potential to use one {1} of those 20,000 words as a seed for our life.  A seed that will produce a harvest of blessings {leading to happiness & holiness}.  If one {1} is powerful, how about ten {10}? Fifty {50}? One thousand {1,000}?

Join me in committing our precious words to our Heavenly Father, trusting that He holds the power to bring about the happy life we so desperately long for.

Lord Jesus, allow us to be a people who give our precious words to You.  Let the fragrance from our lips be the very thing that moves your plans and purposes into action.  We invest our words to You.  Multiply our words and bring about the abundant Life you desire for us to live!  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Prayer Resources


This book makes you want to jump to your knees and begin “praying circles” around anything and everything!

stormie omartian

Any book by Stormie Omartian is powerful and influential.  She has been a blessing to me!

praying circles around your children

This book starts out with “I want to be famous in my home.”  Wow, I’m sold!  Mark Batterson truly influences you to pray for your children in powerful ways.  It’s a quick must-read.

andrew murray with christ

To be honest, I have never actually read this book but rather listened to it on tape (actually Youtube).  Andrew Murray is one of my favorite authors.  His teachings are rich in nature that brings you to a place of maturation in your relationship with Christ.




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