“She’s Strong in Mind & Body” {Curriculum & Coaching}

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Who are we?

She’s Strong in Mind & Body Community

She’s Strong understands that every woman wants to feel her best, but struggles with starting and sticking to her food and fitness goals, or seeing her desired results.  Discouraged, she throws in the towel. Becoming a part of She’s Strong in Mind & Body, you enter into a community of women who get the struggle!  And through the 8 week course have learned the tools to not just white knuckle a body transformation but enjoy the journey!

Our She’s Strong community of women believe in using real food and enjoying normal “cheat” foods as well!  If you’re a Foodie, fantastic!  We get it!  No one can go a week without a piece of dark chocolate, date night dinners, social event foods, or that special something, right?!  She’s Strong women have learned the secrets of the mind, nutrition, and fitness to see results without giving up a normal life!

She’s Strong in Mind & Body is designed for YOU!

She’s Strong in Mind & Body is designed for the whole woman in mind.

She’s Strong is designed with a new approach to your body transformation.  This whole woman approach with mental and physical tools will set you up to see the real you.

She’s Strong is designed for women of all ages and walks of life.

She’s Strong is designed for you to learn flexible eating.  Not to be on another “diet” but learn HOW to eat and WHEN to eat.

She’s Strong is designed to teach you what fitness to do and when.

She’s Strong is designed to teach you the mental tools to start and stick to your goals while finding great success!

Join the She’s Strong in Mind & Body Community

Are you interested in becoming a part of the She’s Strong in Mind & Body community?  There are two different methods of becoming a part of the “She’s Strong” community:

  1. Course
  2. Course & Coaching

Select the link below to learn more and/or start your journey today!

Click here to start your journey today!

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About the CEO and Creator 

Jamye Sack, the CEO & Creator of She’s Strong in Mind & Body and 8 week mental Tools Formula has experienced three different transformations (after two 70 pound pregnancy gains, and a miscarriage and a 30 pound weight grain from the stress of life).  Jamye can first hand attest to the results.

Jamye was working out 5-6 days a week, but failing to control her emotional eating.  The belly fat that accumulated from sleepless nights and constant stress was beyond containable.  That’s until the day she looked at herself in the mirror and knew she had to do something about it.

Through a series of social media posts and vulnerable videos, she went on her own #LifeHappens journey.  One step at a time and she began to see the results!  Her pants buttoned again.

Not only that, other women were secretly contacting her asking her for help.  Jamye knew that she had a call and an obligation to share her tools.

Jamye dug deep and asked herself HOW she finished her masters degree, wrote an 88,000 word book, published her book, speaks to large audiences, has paid off over $150,000 in debt, started a business, and transformed her body three different times.  And out was birthed the 8 Mental Tools Formula.  From those 8 mental tools, the community of She’s Strong in Mind & Body was founded.

Jamye is been married to Robert Sack, PhD.  Robert works full time for the State of California and runs his own Private Practice focusing his therapy on adolescents.  Robert and Jamye have been married for over ten years and have two beautiful daughters together.  Emma, 5 years old and Shyloh, 3 years old.


Check out the 8-Week Plans!

Your Mental Tools

Your Food Plan 

Your Fitness Plan

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