Fall Into Christmas 12 week challenge


This page will house all resources and links needed for our Fall into Christmas 12 Week Lifestyle Transformation. Please be patient with me (Jamye) as I lead you through this challenge. I’m currently a team of one, and on top of that, this is my very first challenge I’ve hosted!

My desire is for you to have the transformation (inside and out) that you have been yearning for. This is not a one way method—therefore, your feedback and communication is critical in navigation this path.

Thank you in advance!

How To Win The Challenge

The team of judges will be selecting the winner of the $1,000 based on the following three criterias:

  1. Create your sustainable weekly plan (Send in 1-3 min video explaining your tracking sheet for the week. Don’t worry, you’ll have 12 weeks of practice to do this before submitting your video.)
  2. Testimonial (200 Words)
  3. Before and After Pictures (based off of YOUR goal: maintenance, bulk/muscle gain, lose weight, reverse)

All three submissions must be submitted by midnight (PST) Monday, January 9, 2023. Official start date is Monday, October 17, 2022 (date stamp of photos is not required–you may take them now).

Calendar of 12 Weeks

There will be teaching topics via FB Lives in the Level Up Private FB Group. Recordings will be posted here if you cannot attend the live.

Printable Calendar of the 12 weeks can be found here.

Me, Myself, & I: Mastering My Choices to My Best Self [online course]

I created this course prior to Covid-19. Please note that while the concepts are the same, I would reframe some of the teaching to be even more impactful. For now, enjoy the powerful concepts and use any of these tools as they best fit.

Pssst…. Lesson 2 on feelings AND lesson 3 on Ownership happen to be my favorite. These two tools are game changers.

Click the course image below or HERE to access that course.

Apps and Links to Use

Energy In [FOOD TRACKING] Carbon Diet Coach App Here

Energy Out [Training programs] You can use ANY lifting program that promotes progressive overload (meaning you get stronger) but I currently use Workout Builder found Here.

*Please note that as I recommend these two resources, I receive ZERO affiliate financial support from them. I currently do that so there is complete trust in who I recommend. I will also be helping you with resources that are free in the case that you are not able to invest in the $22.98/month ($9.99/month Carbon Diet Coach App and $12.99/month for Biolayne Workout Builder. It is cheaper for Carbon to do a full year but that can come later.)

Tracking Sheets [Energy in + Energy Out]

Get your tiny binder ready! Yes, set this system up and you are smooth sailing! A small 1/2 inch binder would work. You print one set of 7 papers to be used for the entire 12 weeks. Don’t panic! I’ll teach you how to use this tracking system. It’s overwhelming at first but this weekly tracking can be the game changer for you!

Download Tracking Sheets Here

Download Measurement Tracking PDF HERE

For any and all questions, please submit them to my personal email at JamyeSack@gmail.com.

I’m beyond passionate about helping you LEARN, LIVE and LOVE your lifestyle AND your body!

Prep Week Teaching Videos

Day 1 Prep Week

[How to Win & Your System Set Up]

Day 2 Prep Week [Compliance Pyramid]

Day 3 Prep Week

Training Set Up [Energy Out]

Day 4 Prep Week

Goals [Big picture and small picture]

Day 5 Prep Week

4 Step Success Framework

Week 1 of Challenge!