Mastermind Group

Mastermind BETA Group with Jamye Sack

Example Schedule (the exact time is not real although the hour block schedule will remain on this schedule):

12:00 – Welcome/Agenda

12:05-Sharing a “win” from the previous week.

12:20-Hot Seat—One members answers our weekly questions… {Please note: These questions may change due to the focus and nature of our group.  These are sample questions.}

1)      What are you working on?

2)      What’s working for you?

3)      Where do you need help?

12:40- Last Questions

1)      Who can help the Hot Seat Member with their problem?

12:50-Resource (Jamye will provide a resource to help us grow further and move deeper into our learning)

12:55 State goal for next week

1:00 – End

Questions and Answers

How many women?

There will be 6-8 women.

How do I sign up?

Click on the link below and you’ll be added to the wait list.  You will be contacted within 72 hours with the next steps.

How long is it?

This Beta group will run for 3 months.

When are the meetings?

The meeting will be held one hour a week at the same day and time that works for everyone in the group.  Day and time will be determined after all women are selected.

What will be discussed in the group?

See the schedule above.  There will be one women in our “Hot Seat” each week that we will work with as a group.  Each week will be a different woman in the Hot Seat.

Will there be a food and fitness plan given to me?

If you want that, then yes!  I will be an open book of all the body transformations I’ve been on and what has worked for each of them.  I’m hoping my struggles and failures will help you in your journey.

How much does it cost?

The three months will cost $225 (so $75/month) with a three month commitment.

What is the schedule for one group session?

See schedule above.

Can I meet with you even if I live in a different state?

Yes!  We will meet on a live video conference meeting called Zoom.  All you need is your phone or laptop and internet connection.

What is the goal of this mastermind group?

The goal is to strengthen ourselves physically and emotionally.  Losing weight, getting strong physically, getting our emotional eating under control, and learning a whole new healthy lifestyle.

Do I need to be Christian?

Not at all!  But please know that I am a Christian and some of my tools will come from a biblical perspective, although that’s not our goal in this group.

When does it start?

I’m hoping within the next couple of weeks but that will all depend on the prompt responses I receive from you!


  • Each meeting will be held on the date and time that we decide as a group.
  • It is expected that each member be present and on time.
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to speak within the framework of the group. It works best if each member participates equally.
  • Everyone is here to support one another. Please keep in mind there will be constructive criticism, but there will be no tolerance for putting others down or criticism of group members.  It should be an open and positive experience for all.
  • A Mastermind group is not just for advice, but it becomes a positive place where you can manifest your goals with a group. Every person makes it their intention to support the individual goals and help manifest them.  We want us all to win individually!