What Others Are Saying

“I think Jamye is crazy! Crazy in love with Jesus, her family and helping others discover how to walk by faith.  Jamye is convinced that when you trust in the Lord with all your heart and follow him in obedience you will experience life the way it is meant to be lived. Listen to her and you will be convinced too.  Jamye is an energetic and challenging communicator who always points people towards Jesus.”

Dr. Ken LaMont, Lead Pastor

Newbury Park First Christian Church

Newbury Park, California

“Jamye teaches God’s word with relevant and practical insights. Her ability to teach and share life experiences in a warm and personal  style is disarming, challenging, and encouraging to those seeking hope  in Christ. Jamye brings energy, insight, and enthusiasm for the heart of God and a deep love for people. She exudes the Holy Spirit and is a true vessel of the Lord. Jamye  speaks out of the overflow of her heart and her loving, positive energy  is powerful and extremely contagious. No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, Jamye motivates you to seek a deeper spiritual relationship and truly experience the life God desires you to have.”

Torrie Halas, Conference Attendee

“Jamye is truly a vessel that Christ is using. Calvary Oxnard had the privilege of having her come speak to mommy’s in our MOPS program. She left everyone so filled with her excitement and love for Jesus that it was contagious!! The manner in which she spoke just left you wanting more of our loving Father. “Unlocking Your Potential” was an amazing way Jamye illustrated how much our Abba Father wants to bless you and I when we are able to trust in Him and surrender ourselves. Thank you for being an obedient servant.”

Olga Ochoa, MOPS Leader

Oxnard California

Jamye was such a blessing.  We were refreshed by her genuine love for God and the joy that radiated from that love.  She spoke to our moms on a topic that was challenging and necessary, and she did it in a way that left us feeling encouraged and empowered.  Her message was delivered with creativity and imagination and at the same time rooted and grounded in the truth of God’s word.  We would love to have Jamye visit our group again soon!
Courtney Braxton
First Baptist Church 
Manhattan, New York
There is such a need today to hear from Gods heart. He is often so misunderstood that people walk away without knowing the real God and His desire for His children. Jamye bridges that gap of communication and understanding with such confidence, humility, and absolute surrender.  With the word of God as her foundation, and the voice of God as her Inspiration, she refreshes the hearts of those who hear her.  God graciously blessed our MOPS group with Jamye’s teaching on getting everything done on our to do list while having peace and maintaining a Christ centered attitude! Her passion was so infectious with our ladies.  They absolutely loved her teaching and conviction and joy was abundantly present within the hearts of our ladies! One special mom poured out how her attitude could really damage the state of her home as many challenges rise up.  Jamye’s obedience to bring the message with clarity and boldness changes the whole atmosphere of a room. God works when she speaks and that’s what I desire most for our group! I hope we can have her speak again and lift the womens’ hearts to greater maturity and purpose!
Leela Braganza
Calvary Chapel
Oxnard, California

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