Be Bold Enough To Dream: How To Create A Prayer or Dream Board

This year I want you to be bold enough to declare your dreams.  If you can’t declare them, how will they become a reality?  Be willing to fail, be willing to be made fun of, be willing to take the risk.  Be bold and declare your dreams.

New Year 2013 red

For Robert and I, we take our dreams to the Father in Heaven (God).  We partner and believe Him for all things we have in our life.  He’s pleased when we come boldly before the throne and he can be God.  He really likes being God.  In fact, he’s really good at being God.  Really good!

A couple of weeks ago, Robert and I sat down and created our list of prayers we were believing God for in 2013.  Then I created our prayer board.  From this prayer board, came our 2013 miracle!  (Which really happened BEFORE 2013 ever came around!)  We got our free car, paid in full that we were believing God for.  Read about it on December 31st’s post titled “Does God Answer Prayers? Yes!”

Prayer board

Prayer board: “It reads ‘PRAYERS’ ‘ANSWERED’

Follow the steps below to creating your own prayer board (or dream board):

1) Identify your dreams.  Don’t be shy.  Be bold enough to dream BIG dreams! List everything and anything that your heart desires.  Even if it doesn’t make sense.

2) Create a list of those dreams.  Write them down on paper.  This way they won’t slip away when you become too insecure or bashful to carry them out.

3) Get your board.  This can be a large piece of paper, posterboard, bulletin board, area on a wall, etc.  Dedicate one space that will be your prayer board space.  I used a bulletin board.

4) Get your materials.  You can be as basic or as creative as you want.  I went to the store and got some crafting supplies to add to what I already had.  I wanted our board to reflect our personality (well, actually my personality).  To be honest, Robert doesn’t really care what it looks like.

5) Create a “workable” board.  This step is key to seeing your prayers become a reality.  The goal is to create a board that you can manuever.  That means that this board won’t stay (or shouldn’t stay) the same throughout the entire year.  As your prayers are answered, do something with them.

For me, I split the board into two sides.  One side says “prayers” and the other side says “answers.”  This way we could move the prayer from “prayer” side into the “answered” side once the Lord answered that prayer.  This allows us to praise the Lord for the answered prayers, while still believing Him for the unanswered ones.  It keeps us in constant communication with the Lord and focused on where we are headed.

A closer look at our prayer board:

IMG_2180                IMG_2182         IMG_2181

Remember, be bold enough to be laughed at for your dreams.  If no one’s laughing at the “bigness” of your dreams, maybe they’re not big enough.

If you’ve created your prayer or dream board then share it with us.  Post a picture of what your board looks like!

Also, don’t miss out on the $100 Dream Big Contest!  Submit your entries by Monday, January 7th at a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.

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  1. Chloe Cochrane says:

    Where can I purchase meteral for a praying board ?

    Thank you


    • Hi Chloe,

      I purchased the bulletin board from Target, although I don’t remember the price. The rest of the material came from JoAnn’s. I used the following materials: mini clothespins, ribbon, cardstock paper, stickers, and pictures (I printed those at home). Then I put it altogether with a few simple staples and I had my prayer board! I pray that as you trust and believe in the Lord for your desires, you will be radically blessed!

      In Him,


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