Top 13 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to Ryan and Breann.  Thank you to all of you who entered the contest!


Entry 1: Cindy

Dream/Goal: I want to be a better wife and mom.

How: I have 3 kids and a husband.  I sometimes forget that they are my pride and joy and it becomes a burden to be all to all of them.  I want to focus more on being a good godly wife that teaches my kids at home and is a non-complaining wife to my husband.  I want to take the kids on weekly field trips, read the bible stories to them once a day, make dinner every night instead of eating out and eat as a family.  Then I want to pray with my husband nightly.


Entry 2: Jim

Dream/Goal: Walk across America, touching hearts and homes of America.

How: On April 1, 2013, I will leave Newbury Park, CA to walk across America, arriving in New York City Times Square sometime in late September. 

I will walk and my wife, Glenda, will drive an RV for us to live in for six months.  My purpose for the walk is to visit homes and churches lifting up the importance of the home and blessing and building lives in homes.  We want to find people who will be Champions for the Home so I am inviting America home.  Website is

Entry 3: Brad

Dream/Goal: This year I’d like to grow my business at least 50% and bring 3 people/families I know to Christ.

How: I am new to the business world and know that God has called me to use my giftings to help others. I plan to network, meet with pastors, give talks to community organizations and get an article published. I know that God has got me this far, so I am trusting him to push me further. I also want to be bold in my love for Christ. There are 3 friends and families members that I would like to bring to Christ. I will be open and honest with them about the love I have for Him and continue to sow into them the love that God has shown me.


Entry 4: Ariana

Dream/Goal: Buy a house.

How: My husband and I have been married for twelve years and have never had a home that we could call our own.  We moved from Texas to Northern California and it costs so much more money to have a house that it seems impossible that we would ever be able to get into a house of our own. I want to have the house and decorate it the way that I want without have my landlord’s approval. I want to be able to dream with my husband again.  I think that we can do this if we start saving a lot of our money.  We both work full time and sometimes our money goes to smaller “bigger” purchases that we could save for our house.  If we start putting that money away then I think that it’ll be possible.  My husband said that he’ll start picking up smaller jobs and we could have a house that way.  I guess that what I’m saying is that we need to start dreaming again instead of just assuming that we’d never be able to afford it.


Entry 5: Britney

Dream/Goal: I want to lose at least 80 pounds this year!

How: In high school I was always skinny and attractive, but when I went to college I started living a lifestyle that wasn’t so healthy and soon the weight started creeping on me.  By the end of my schooling I weighed more than I expected I would ever weigh.  It’s embarrassing because no one reckognizes me anymore.

I started going to the gym and hired a trainer.  I want to work out four to six times a week and go to weight watchers to help me with my food.  My mom did this and it worked for her.  That’s my goal for 2013!


Entry 6: Sarah

Dream/Goal: Read my bible everyday this year.

How: Lol.  I guess that I just have to do it.  That’s all.  I just need to read it and I’d meet my goal.  My church has a plan that I can follow so I think that I’ll follow that plan and read my bible whenever I have a break at work.  I do not like getting up in the morning and can barely make it to work on time so I think that lunch breaks or breaks at work are my best option.  I think I might try listening to the bible too, that might work better for me too.  I’ve never really tried to do this so we’ll see how it goes.


Entry 7: Breann & Ryan (WINNER!)

Dream(s)/Goal(s): Believing and seeing all  prayers on Prayer board answered. First and far most we are going to seek and pray daily (realizing that only through Gods power and our obedience will we see these prayer answered).

Prayer Board Prayers:
1. Car (Get title and registration, sell, get new used car paid in full)
How: Ryan is calling everyday to investigations and Fremont Honda (title holders) to work on getting title and reg. once that is done we will fix sell and payoff his car. Once that happens we will find him a used car that we can buy in full.

2. Debt Free
How: Revise budget. sell Ryan’s car and finish last payments on my car (owning both cars and no payments) cash flow plan, debt snowball payment plan (worksheets we’ve created to keep us on track and planned out) start using the envelop system so we don’t go over budget.  Pick up other small jobs or shifts to make a little extra income (moving, art lessons) cutting cost list (a list we have come up with to cut cost such as shutting off light, heater, going to Five Loaves etc.) pay off my car (almost there).
3. Once Debt Free, Save For A House
How: Put most of what we were budgeting for to pay off debt now in and account to save for a house.
still cutting cost and picking up small jobs to add to the fund

How: Finding a deal for a vacation with only using the change we have saved for the pass 2 years so it does not effect our getting debt free or saving for a house.

5. Ryan’s New Job/School
How: Ryan will actively pursue other possibilities and go back to school in the fall
6. Breann’s Design Job
     How: Business cards , website, fictitious name, resalers license, and do at least 7 jobs this year.


Entry 8: Anna

Dream/Goal: I want to be able to wear a bathing suit again around my kids and family.

How: Even though I’m 43 years old I want to be able to wear a bathing suit again around my kids and my family because I miss out on so much fun when I’m sitting on the side not getting in the pool or stuck at the beach events in shorts and a shirt.  I know that I use the excuse that I don’t like to go swimming but that’s not true, I just don’t like to be in my bathing suit.  I realized that I have chosen to eat ice cream, potato chips, and pizza instead of choosing to have fun with my kids, so I suppose that I need to start a diet and exercising. I don’t have a membership to a fitness club but can walk around the park by my house and stop eating all those foods that I listed, then I’ll get to my goal, slowly but I can do it.


Entry 9: Vicki

Dream/Goal: My 2013 goal is to get an agent and start commercials.

How: I have a meeting with an agent this week and will get more info when I meet with him.  Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of being on stage or in front of the camera and I don’t know why I’m not doing it. I want to do it this year.


Entry 10: Michelle

Dream/Goal: Be BIG for God!!!

This year is going to be BIG! I am dreaming (praying) to be debt free, own my first home and lead a group of women to transform there hearts for God. I am living below my means and putting all the extra money I have towards debt. I am also trying to save a down payment for a home. It may not be a ‘dream home’ to some, but to me being a home owner would be nothing less that a miracle! I also feel called to shift from a follower to leader role with women in my church. My dream is to lead a group of 10 women to truly see God’s heart and the potential they have when in his presence. I have yet to do this for 1 woman, so 10 seems like an impossibility at this time, but I KNOW God wants BIG things for me in 2013!


Entry 11: Hillary
Dream/Goal: To Start a college group that fills the NPFCC Gym and to start record songs!

How: While I am still in school I will visit college groups in the Fullerton/ Anaheim area and taking notes and asking how things are organized. As well as, look for interested young people who would like to volunteer to help run the program, this would not be limited to NPFCC members, but to all churches in the area, I want to make a college group where many churches come together. After I graduate I want to make this dream a reality by starting in the summer 2013. Even if I have to deliver the messages the first couple of times till we find some who’s passion is speaking.

Along with this dream I would really like to record music, I have been talking with someone who wants me to record some of his songs. I would first like to record his songs then write more of my own and record them!  I can start this dream by really connecting with this person and setting up times to meet with them. Next I would need to write more songs and my final step and biggest obstacle to this dream is learn how to play the guitar, which I have been trying for years and seem to not make sufficient amount of time. But this year I am determined by the power of God to do it!  With the songs that I write hopefully I can eventually lead the worship section in the college group!!!

In all I would love to start a college age young adult group that meets in the gym, filling the corners, were I will be leading, by example, these people in  worship to the wonderful God!


Entry 12: Christie

Dream/Goal: This year I want to start a non-profit for women that are widowed or single and don’t have any help.  I want to be able to get them financial support and food from our church.

How: I have been talking with my pastor about starting this non-profit and using the church as a place where these women can meet and he’s on board for it.  I have talked to some other non-profits that have helped me with this and it seems harder than I thought but after I lost my husband in 2010 to a fight with cancer, I realized the need when I started going to support groups.  It is my determination to start this non-profit even though I’m not sure what it will look like yet or where we will hold it.  I just know that women need this because I needed it.


Entry 13: Danny

Dream/Goal: Own my own gym.

How: I have been working out for the last 10 years. I have played high school and college sports while also training others at my local gym. I feel that the gym is the perfect place to tell people about God, but the environment makes it really hard to do. I feel that in 2013 God has called me to try and open my own gym. It would have Christian music, all the trainers would be Christian, but we wouldn’t push Jesus on people. Instead, the goal is to have an environment where people can learn about and see God’s people. Right now, this is just a dream, but I think I can do it. It would really help the community get to know Jesus.



  1. “There is no limit to the number of times you can vote per visit.” – But i was blocked from voting any further

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m sorry about that. The voting poll is set up for “no blocks.” I would recommend logging out/off of the website, then going back onto, find the website link ( and try voting again. Let me know if this doesn’t work. Sorry about the inconvenience.

      Has anyone else had a problem voting multiple times? I believe that you have to vote for your entry by selecting the entry # and pressing “vote”, then press the link on the bottom that says “return to poll.” This should take you back to the area where you can vote. Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

      Thanks for voting!


  2. Sheri Smith says:

    Hi Jamye!
    I love this contest you’ve set up! I just wanted to mention for those who want to lose weight I can help you achieve those goals. For Vicki go to

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