It’s Started: My Secrets From “Behind Closed Doors”

Unlocking The Doors…

The Lord’s done it again.  He’s been whispering in my heart to take it to another level.  Therefore, in obedience to Him, I’m going to do it.  I’m going to unlock my doors and let you into my private home. 

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“Behind Closed Doors”

Along with all the other blog posts, you’ll find days that are called “Behind Closed Doors.”  On these days I will invite you into my home to experience the Lord in a radical way with me.  As you enter my home, you’ll find many things.  But the heart and purpose of inviting you in, is to reveal to you my secrets of spending time with the Father. 

When I encountered the Lord back in 2007, I encountered a new depth to God and life.  It wasn’t religion, it was a radical and intimate relationship.  It’s been 6 years now that I’ve been walking daily, by the minute, in great expectation for Him to show up in my life.  Every time I seek Him, He ALWAYS shows up and shows off!  Not always as I expect Him to, but always better!

“Seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13

But Life’s Too Busy

Busyness can really take a toll on our time in His Presence.  Yet, it’s only when we spend time filling our spirit that our lives will be transformed.  I know what it’s like to…

  • work full time and have over an hour commute but still seek Him
  • wake up in the morning too tired to even jump in the shower but still choose to seek Him
  • seek God in the middle of post partum blues or being gigantically pregnant and hormonal
  • juggle life as a stay at home/work at home wife, mom, co-worker, friend, party planner, dishwasher, maid, cook, etc. but still seek Him
  • seek Him in the midst of a sick baby crying and/or being sick myself
  • study the Word while still expected to meet deadlines
  • seek Him but still manage life
  • get up at 4:15 am to work out in the gym, get in shape, make my home a place of serenity and peace but still seek Him

I know that it’s not easy, but it’s your secret to living your blessed life! 

As I unlock my doors and invite you in, you’ll find three things:

1) I am not consistent in HOW I seek Him.  I almost never have a Bible study, devotional, or plan.  And I almost never do the same thing twice.  There’s nothing wrong with these things but I, personally, like variety and freedom.

Therefore, the only thing consistent in my times with God is ME and HIM.  Everything else changes depending on my mood, my energy level, my life situations, and what He’s putting on my heart.  I desire FRESH words from Him and therefore, depend on His voice to tell me where to go and what to do.

2) I don’t have it perfected.  I have met women that blow my mind away with their discipline and “quiet times” with God.  I’m not so fabulous.  All that I know is I crave my time with the Father and He fills my heart to overflowing.  It’s definitely not “perfect” but I do know how to encounter Mr. Perfect, Jesus Christ, Himself. And to that sweet encounter I come expectantly before Him daily and ask Him to speak.

3) Outside my doors.  Another thing you’ll notice is that since the kingdom of God is within me, I don’t leave God at home.  Whenever I run errands, go to work or attend meetings, the Holy Spirit is there with me, whispering to me at all moments of my day.  It’s when I listen and talk back that He leads me into miraculous moments of each and every day.

Come On In

My prayer is that as I invite you to join me behind my closed doors, you and I will experience radical times of encounters with Him!  These times are filled with my most vulnerable moments.  They are as precious as pearls to me and I happily invite you into my times with the Father.  I want you to experience the “yumminess” of God that I experience!

Grab your Bible, a cup of coffee or tea, come on in and join me in encountering the Lord!

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  1. Joyce Dowding says:

    Who won? Who won??? We voted like crazy!!!

    • The voting is still open and won’t be closed until Wednesday, January 16th at 8 pm. So keep voting! You can see the results so far if you click on “view results.” Happy voting! 🙂 ~Jamye

  2. Stephanie Buckley says:

    I am ready to walk with you again … I am ready to experience God in a radical way…:)

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