Winner Of The Dream Big Contest!


Thank you to all of you who entered the contest. I am praying for all of your dreams to unfold and be fulfilled this year!


And congratulations to the winner of $100 Visa gift card…


Ryan & Breann


Dream(s)/Goal(s): Believing and seeing all  prayers on Prayer board answered. First and formost we are going to seek and pray daily (realizing that only through Gods power and our obedience will we see these prayer answered).


Prayer Board Prayers:

1. Car (Get title and registration, sell, get new used car paid in full)

How: Ryan is calling everyday to investigations and Fremont Honda (title holders) to work on getting title and reg. once that is done we will fix sell and payoff his car. Once that happens we will find him a used car that we can buy in full.


2. Debt Free

How: Revise budget. sell Ryan’s car and finish last payments on my car (owning both cars and no payments) cash flow plan, debt snowball payment plan (worksheets we’ve created to keep us on track and planned out) start using the envelop system so we don’t go over budget.  Pick up other small jobs or shifts to make a little extra income (moving, art lessons) cutting cost list (a list we have come up with to cut cost such as shutting off light, heater, going to Five Loaves etc.) pay off my car (almost there).


3. Once Debt Free, Save For A House

How: Put most of what we were budgeting for to pay off debt now in and account to save for a house. still cutting cost and picking up small jobs to add to the fund.



How: Finding a deal for a vacation with only using the change we have saved for the pass 2 years so it does not effect our getting debt free or saving for a house.


5. Ryan’s New Job/School

How: Ryan will actively pursue other possibilities and go back to school in the fall


6. Breann’s Design Job     

How: Business cards , website, fictitious name, resalers license, and do at least 7 jobs this year.


I am looking forward to all that the Lord is going to do through your lives and through your dreams/prayers!  Thank you for entering the contest and congratulations!


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