Better Yourself While Driving: 3 Proactive Things To Do While Behind The Wheel


Driving is an obvious part of life.  Most of our days are filled with minutes, and maybe hours behind the wheel.  This time can be filled with one of two options: withdrawing from you or investing in you.  When you aren’t adding to who you are, you are wasting an opportunity.  You also open yourself up to heading down the wrong mental path.  A path that takes away from who you are (withdrawal).

While driving in the car I rarely ever get angry.  In fact, I don’t really notice anyone around me.  Over the years, my car has become my office.  For me personally, it’s where I spend time investing in my relationship with God.  I often spend that time in prayer (outloud), worship and praise, speaking/confessing scripture outloud, or giving the latest biblical message to my dashboard!

I’ve learned the secret power to making the most out of every minute behind the wheel.  I’m not perfect with my time.  But when I spend it on the better of the two options (investing in me), I see the obvious rewards that come from my time behind the wheel.

Below are three things you can do, today, to help you make the most of your time behind the wheel:

1) Listen.  I’m not talking about listening to your engine or even the children in the back seat.  I’m talking about listening to things that will feed your spirit, mind and soul while you drive.  Great ideas are sermon podcasts (try searching your favorite speaker/pastor in itunes), youtube videos of experts in your area of business or life, or skill-set/motivational/leadership audio books.  By listening to these things, you are feeding your mind and soul without having to fight off the thoughts that take away from who you are becoming.

2) Make Phone Calls.  This is a perfect opportunity to work or connect with people.  Don’t have time to make those phone calls?  Do so behind the wheel!  Even if you have 5 minutes in between location A and location B, use it to network for your business, connect with people, or encourage others you know.

3) Create the new.  If you are someone who wants to go somewhere in life, you will need to create new things.  You need the fresh ideas, new concepts, or creative strategies to get you from point A to point B.  This quiet time will be a time where you can brainstorm and come up with the next best thing that you are going to do today, this week, or this year! Something that I have found to be effective is to use my iphone to record 30 second snippets of my ideas.  There are multiple apps you can use, or use the simple voice memo recorder.

So before you take a seat in your car, shift your habits to feeding your soul.  Be proactive.  Better yourself.  And make the most of every minute behind that wheel!  Driving time can be your most effective time of the day.

Question: What do you do while driving that betters you?

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