The #1 Key To Reaching Your Goal


The truth is that everyone has 24 hours in a day.  So how is it that some people seem to conquer everything, while others seem to barely finish by the deadline?  There has to be a key to reaching your goal.

The feeling I get when I wait until the last minute to get something done is awful.  Sure, there’s a rush of excitement because I made it “just in time!”  But it’s nothing more than a stress inducing skill I’m putting into practice.  There is sure no peace I’m releasing to myself, or my family.

I often get to the deadline and think “if only I had more time.”  I pray and ask the Lord for more time when he giggles and tells me I’ve already used it.  Not knowing what I spent the time on, I recall the past hours, days, weeks and months only to find that I did waste the time he had given me.  The time was in the beginning of the goal.

The #1 key to reaching your goal is this:

Gain more time! 

You might be thinking, “sure, that sounds great but I’m not in charge of the time.”  And you’re right.  You’re not in charge of the time.  However, you are in charge of how you spend your time.  The #1 key to reaching your goal is to gain more time.  How do you unlock this key?

By starting TODAY. 

What is your goal?  Lose weight?  Begin a workout program?  Get out of debt?  Save up for a new house? Get a new job?  Start a business?  Get married?

Most people wait until a specific deadline or natural break in the seasons to start that new goal.  Why?  Who says that you have to join the gym in January?  If that’s what everyone else is doing and they’re not reaching their goals, why wouldn’t you try something different?  Get a little crazy and join the gym in December.  Then start your program today!

Why wait until January to budget for the coming year?  Start budgeting for next year today!  Then maybe you’ll have something spectacular to give away come Christmas time next year.

Why wait until you have time to start that business?  Plan that wedding?  Or get out of debt?  The sooner you start your goal, the more time you will have to reach it.  Gain momentum in reaching your goal by starting today.  You have nothing to lose but a few cookies you don’t get to eat during the Christmas party, or Starbucks coffees you won’t be able to buy.  It’ll help with your debt and your weightloss!

Whatever your goal may be, you have the choice as to whether your goal will be successful or not.  The #1 key to reaching your goal is to gain more time.  You gain more time by starting today!

What goals have you been waiting for that you can start today?  Don’t forget to enter the $100 Dream Big Contest!  Entries must be submitted by Monday, January 7, 2013 by 8 pm.

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  1. Glenda Buckley says:

    Excellent insight. I also add that putting God first in time (alone with Him first thing) is a way of gaining time. I’ve experienced having things and people appear right before me which takes a lot less time than when you have to go hunting for them. I think He likes that because I have a delighted sense of, “Thank You, Lord!” when that happens. I also remember one time in which it seemed like time stood still when I had several things to get done (actually it was Christmas shopping). I kept looking at my watch and it went so slowly. After all, He created time and He is the controller of it. It’s all kind of the “tithing principal” – put Him first “and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)
    Glenda Buckley

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