Sneaking Away With God


Some days are just plain, flat out hard to seek the Lord.  Yet, when we find just a few moments to sneak away and sit in His presence, He always shows up.  Finding the times to seek the Father’s face will result in intimacy, deepened relationship, and a heart that is filled to overflowing.  Sneaking away with the Lord is like sneaking that piece of yummy chocolate!!  Delicious and satisfying!

My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek.

Psalm 27:8

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

Psalm 105:4

I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4

Yesterday morning Emma woke up just about the time that I did.  Needless to say, those are the days when I don’t get my “alone” time.  Therefore, my day didn’t go as planned.  I was successful in accomplishing my “The Mommy Prep Plan” (my 12 week fitness and nutrition plan for mommy’s to be-or anyone, really).  But I didn’t get that sweet time with my Lord.

I decided to do something I normally don’t do.  I texted Robert and asked him if I could be selfish for the night and just sneak away to worship the Lord for a few minutes when he came home.  Robert obviously said yes.  He is such an amazing husband!

So when Robert walked in the door, I had the house cleaned and dinner ready.  We ate dinner together as a family.  After dinner I snuck away to our bedroom.  I had my Bible, although I didn’t really use it.  I had my iphone for youtube worship music.  And I had my heart.  That’s it.

I played two songs during my 30 minutes away with the Lord.  It was beautiful.  The time went by SO fast!  It was so sweet and so neat to be able to sneak away with Him in a strange time of day for me.  I sat cross-legged on my bed and just worshipped the Father.  With no agenda, but seeing His face and hearing His heartbeat, I enjoyed my time of “sneaking away with God.”

Question: How do your days look?  Can you find just a few moments to sneak away with the Lord and sit in His presence?  With no agenda, no to-do’s, but just you and the Father.  Sitting with each other “face to face” and seeking His heartbeat.

In my relationship with the Lord there have been times that I have snuck away to the bathroom, my car, my closet, etc. just to seek the Lord.  What are some creative hiding spots that you have with the Lord?  Share with us your secrets of how you sneak away with the Father to seek His face.  I would love to hear them!

My two song playlist included the following:

All Sons & Daughters “Reason To Sing” (about 5 minutes)

Bethel Worship “Closer” (about 24 minutes)

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