Why I Have A Personal Trainer {My Heart…raw & real}

“You have a trainer?!” “Where do you train with her?” And so goes the text messages, personal inquiries, and direct messages. Believe it or not, I am a closed book kind of person.  It’s not easy for me to open up.  Therefore, I apologize for not opening my heart.  And more accurately, opening my incredible struggle{s} […]

Is there more for you? {2 minute video}

Are you ready to see your biggest dreams fulfilled? Join me on this journey!  I promise.  You have never experienced anything like this study. You’ll never know or experience your greatest potential unless you step forward in faith and ask. God is waiting for you.  What are you waiting for? Do you know churches and/or […]

“Jamye, I’ve been doing the study…I need 6 more copies!”

God’s heartbeat is powerful! One local woman could not attend the book release event for “The Red Carpet Heart” 12-week study.  She had pre-ordered a copy on Amazon.com the week prior to the event.  She had started the study and was moved to contact me.  I received a message from her asking to purchase another study.  God had placed a […]

Visit Amazon.com for “The Red Carpet Heart”!

“God has things prepared for our lives that our minds cannot begin to understand.” -Jamye Sack, Day 1, “The Red Carpet Heart” a 12-week study “The Red Carpet Heart: Awaken Your Heart, Fulfill Your Dreams, Walk Confidently in the Real You” is now available on Amazon.com. Get your copy today! Why wait to experience your most blessed life?!

Preparing for “A Night of Inspiration” for YOU!

“It” is here.  In four days.  On Friday, June 6th. I’ve played it over and over, again and again. Every time the reel plays, my heart beats faster, my body goes numb, and I walk in faith up the carpeted stairs to the speaking platform. There I stand.  With an audience of women.  Hearts hungry.  Souls thirsty.  Women […]

Why Knowing Your 5 Love Languages Is Beneficial To Your Happiness

There’s only an hour left before the husband is supposed to walk through that front door. An audience of toys, dirty dishes, unfolded laundry, and a family still in pajamas would greet him at the door if I didn’t act quickly. Sixty minutes and the race begins! “Girls, Daddy’s almost home!” We get dressed, and […]

Two Things You Can Do Today to Live Fully Alive!

In order to thrive in life, there are two things that are non-negotiable. If we can learn to strive for and rely on the Lord’s grace for these two things, our lives will be abundantly blessed and thriving! Are you willing to do what it takes to get to your thriving life with Christ? I […]

Five Ways To Be An Excellent Mom

I’m An Inadequate Mom Only weeks after our daughter was born I was sitting in the rocking chair with tears rolling down my face wondering why I’m not a good mom. How come I cannot handle one baby and one toddler when other moms have four, five or twelve? I love my children but I’m […]

Your 7 Most Delicious Bible Study Ingredients

How do you like studying the Bible?  Do you wake up every morning ready to spend time with the Lord?  Ready to receive a piece of fresh yummy bread from the Bible? If not, I think I know what the problem is.  You are not equipped to fall in love with the Lord through the […]

Cancel Your Pity-party, Do This, And Be Happy Again!

“Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll eat some worms…” And the song continues on a path of self-pity.  It meditates on the kind of worms that one would eat.  “Long slim, slimy ones, short fat, juicy ones.” You may experience this type of mood every so often.  Often times you can find […]