“Jamye, I’ve been doing the study…I need 6 more copies!”

God’s heartbeat is powerful!

One local woman could not attend the book release event for “The Red Carpet Heart” 12-week study.  She had pre-ordered a copy on Amazon.com the week prior to the event.  She had started the study and was moved to contact me.  I received a message from her asking to purchase another study.  God had placed a name on her heart, and she wanted to bless the person with the study.

When she showed up to my home to purchase the study, she said “Actually, I want 6…I know God is going to give me more names to bless ladies with the study…”

And to that, my heart whispered in exclamation, “Yes, Lord, yes!!!”

The woman’s obedience is exactly the heartbeat of the study.  This woman was already beating in line with the heart of God!  She didn’t simply tell someone about God but decided to bless them with a tool to go deeper with Him.  Whew!  Let’s see Him show up in radical ways as we surrender to His Lordship and enter the most radically blessed lives for His glory!

Let us continue to press in for all that God has for each and everyone of us!

Ladies, let’s continue to walk in confidence together & share His blessings with all!

"The Red Carpet Heart: Awaken Your Heart, Fulfill Your Dreams, Walk Confidently in the Real You" 12-week study

“The Red Carpet Heart: Awaken Your Heart, Fulfill Your Dreams, Walk Confidently in the Real You” 12-week study

On fire of Jesus & humbled to love,

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