Cancel Your Pity-party, Do This, And Be Happy Again!

“Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll eat some worms…” And the song continues on a path of self-pity.  It meditates on the kind of worms that one would eat.  “Long slim, slimy ones, short fat, juicy ones.”

You may experience this type of mood every so often.  Often times you can find yourself at a cross roads of how to respond to life.  Either you fight the good fight of life or you start singing your “woe is me” song.  If you choose to sing your song of self-pity, you’ll only end up in a pit.


The Lord Kindly Reminds You

When our second daughter was just weeks old I had to make a my first trip to Costco, alone. With our newborn and toddler, I was dreading this new experience.  I got out of the car and wondered how in the world I was going to get the food in the shopping cart with both the girls in there.  I started to get frustrated.  That frustration started to drive me down the road to Victom-ville.  The place where you only feel sorry for yourself.

As I started down that path I realized I had a Bjorn in the car.  Yes!  I could strap on our 7 week old and push our toddler in the cart.  Victory!

While shopping, the Lord humbled me.  As I was standing in the bread aisle, a young mom sped passed me.  I almost fell over!  She had a baby carrier on her back and a car seat in her cart.  Twins!  Wow, that’s incredible, but it doesn’t stop there.  She had two toddlers in the front of the cart and a 4-year-old and 6-year-old hanging off the sides of the cart.  Wow!  Six kids and she looked happy!

At that moment I realized that the Lord was saying “See…you have it easy.  Don’t complain.”

Do This One Thing And Be Happy

While studying the Bible one morning I ran across of beautiful and intelligent woman.  Abigail.  In 1 Samuel 25, we read that Abigail had every right to sing a worm song. Yet, she chose to do one thing that would keep her happy.

Abigail was married to Nabal, a wealthy man.  But even though he was wealthy, he was mean and cruel.  David (the guy who killed Goliath and would later be king) approached Nabal in hopes of getting some help for his fighting men.  Nabal threw insults at him and denied his request.  David was about to destroy Nabal’s people when Abigail did one thing.

1 Samuel 25:18 says that Abigail acted quickly. She went to David and quickly got off her donkey. She brought him what he requested, asked for forgiveness and pleaded for their lives. David received her words and gesture, then told her that if you had not come quickly to meet me, not one male belonging to Nabal would have been left alive by daybreak. (1 Samuel 25:34)

Abigail acted quickly. Instead of seeing her situation and sitting in a pit of self-pity, she acted quickly to get herself out.  That not only made she and the people happy, but it saved their lives!

So whenever you find yourself in a situation that can potentially sink you into a pit of a pity-party, act quickly. Get out. There’s no true party in a pit!

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  1. Hi Jamye, Thank you for a very timely and uplifting message. BTW…you are a super Mom and woman…every fence that trys to block your way…well you just climb over it !!and away you go…………

  2. Hannah says:

    Good stuff! Thanks!! And way too go taking two little ones to Costco alone, the first time is challenging no matter what.

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