Get Rid Of The Blues Once And For All

You might call it depression, being down in the dumps, or having the blues.  Whatever you call “it.”  It’s not fun.  That dark cloud feeling hovering over your mind, day and spirit is the worst feeling.  (At least in my opinion.)


A few years ago I had that feeling while pregnant the first time.  I wasn’t working at the time and enjoyed leisurely walks alone with my dogs.  I didn’t really have any stress in my life.  I enjoyed spending time preparing for my natural childbirth, seeking the Lord, writing Bible Studies, and spending time in His presence.

God’s Request

One day while on the walk the Lord asked me to give $1,000 away to a specific family.  I pretty much ignored the Lord’s request and reasoned why it wouldn’t be wise for us to give away the money.  In fact, here were the reasons:

  • We needed to save for the baby coming.
  • We were saving up for a down payment on a house.

Those were two fabulous reasons for me to decline the Lord’s request.  Very justifiable in my mind.  Therefore, I didn’t even tell Robert about it.

Disobedience And My Dark Cloud

Unfortunately, I went under a dark cloud.  For the next week or so, I had the “blues.”  These were much more than the pregnancy blues that women might experience.  This was a dark cloud that would not lift.  I would go on my walks and chat with the Lord and not sense His presence.  What was wrong?

Come to find out, the Lord reminded me again: Give away the $1,000 to ______.

Walking In Obedience

I decided to stop reasoning with the Lord and walk in obedience.  I emailed Robert to let him be the final confirmation.  I assumed he would be in line with my thinking and say “no” to me.  If he said “no” then I couldn’t go against the head of household.  For that would be against the Word of God, right?

Robert said “If God said to do it, then do it.”  That was not the response I was hoping for.  $1,000 to us at that time was A LOT of money!   Long story short, I decided to walk in obedience.  I went to the bank, got a money order and sent it in the mail.  Immediately after sending that check my cloud lifted.  It was beautiful!  I’m not saying that the Lord put the cloud there but my disobedience was clouding me from walking with Him in His presence.

I would have been happy with just having that dark cloud removed, but God is so much better than a mere weather changer.  The very NEXT day after mailing out that check I received an email from Robert that said “GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!!”  You see, he received a check from his work that we were not expecting for just over $1,000!  God was and is SO good!  He gave us our $1,000 back AND lifted my dark cloud!

How To Lift Your Cloud

So if you are finding that you are walking around under a dark cloud, look at the last thing the Lord requested of you.  Did you do it?  I have a feeling that if you are still waiting to accomplish it or just being flat-out disobedient, getting to work and walking in obedience will align you right back up with the Father.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing but being close in obedience with Him.  Get rid of your “blues” once and for all!  Continue to walk closely with the Lord and watch Him work!

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