What cloud are you under?

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After watching Frozen for the twentieth time, I couldn’t hold it in any longer!  This movie makes my heart do back flips!  From our identity in Christ to learning how to love like Jesus, it’s so much more than the next greatest Disney movie.

As I giggle watching Olaf, the comical frozen snowman, I can’t help but identify with him.  Olaf, longs to be free to enjoy all of the seasons-summer, spring, etc. without dying {melting} in the process, yet, he was made to be alive in only ONE season {winter!}.  Poor sweet Olaf.

At the end of the movie {spoiler alert!}, Olaf receives his own personal cloud that allows him to enjoy all the seasons without melting.  What a perfect place to be!

Your Own Personal Cloud

We, too, are created to enjoy the blessings that we crave in our heart.  We long for all the fruits of the Spirit {love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and most definitely…self-control!}; yet, it seems like we can never obtain those things while here on earth.

Rest assured my dear friends!  While we may never have the perfection in our circumstances while here on earth, we don’t have to walk around with the gloom of our own emotions.  Sadness, depression, worry, anger, fear, frustration, doubt, insecurity, the list could go on and on. We can step into the kingdom of God and be overshadowed by the Most High!  When He overshadows your heart, you receive the benefits of the kingdom of heaven.  And last time I checked, there’s no gloom in heaven!  When we do so, God gets to be God, and not us.  We don’t need to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders!

There’s one question I constantly need to ask myself: 

Have I {mentally} stepped out from under the shadow {glory cloud} of God? 

If I answer yes, I need to simply become aware of it and mentally step right back in!  When I do, all the things of this world that plague my heart {worry, fear, anxiety, doubt, insecurity} simply melt away.  And I can once again taste the rainbow {His glory} in the kingdom of heaven, regardless of the circumstances I might be facing today!

Enjoying His sweet presence under my own personal kingdom of God glory cloud.


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Words to look up in your Bible for a deeper study:

glory, kingdom of heaven {God}, cloud, overshadow


What do I do with Picture Parable of the Week?

Look at the picture and ask God what He wants to reveal to you through the picture.

1) Listen to what He says, enjoy it & share it with us!


2) Search the Word of God (the Bible) for any and all that you can find in connection to the picture, enjoy it & share it with us!


Let’s magnify God, share this picture parable with family & friends!


Do you have a picture you want to share?

Email it to me at JamyeSack@gmail.com.


What’s a parable?

Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Why do we do Picture Parables of the Week?

Want more information about parables?


  1. That’s amazing! I, too, love that movie and I was thinking that there must be a Kingdom message somewhere in it. I like the one you found – my own personal cloud, a blessing cloud, to go with me wherever I go.

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