Unwrapping Your Potential Party

your potential party

My daughters and I were walking through Target when I stopped at His prompting.  I gazed down the party supply aisle.  The Lord spoke to my heart and said “You know, every day is a party with me…”  I know… my heart whispered in excitement.  Oh, how I truly, truly know that, Holy Spirit…  What if others knew how blessed {happy} a day with your Presence was?!  “Tell them.”

And the phone came out of my diaper bag.  Click, click, click.  Today’s “Picture Parable of the Week”.

When King David craved to host the Presence of God (within the Ark of the Covenant), he pursued it (see 2 Samuel 6).

No one asked him if he really wanted it.

He didn’t go to church to get it.

He didn’t wait for a sermon to hear about it.

He pursued it. 

Upon receiving the Ark of the Covenant, he danced in the streets undignified before God.  His wife was a bit “salty” (remember that from last week?!) But David was overjoyed!  In fact, David was so overjoyed that he threw a party!  A party with party favors: a loaf of bread, a cake of dates, and a cake of raisins were given to each person (see 2 Sam. 6:19).

When I saw those perfectly wrapped party supplies in Target I realized that that’s exactly how we Christians can become if we are not careful.  We know where to find it, we know how to get it, we could afford it anytime, but…we just don’t have time for it. We are content just knowing that it’s there but we aren’t taking the time to put the party up!  We aren’t taking the time to unwrap them, and decorate our day with His Presence.

Jesus Christ has paid for all our party supplies!  As Believers, we have been given the greatest Gift of all-the person of the Holy Spirit; God Himself to be with us and in us (see John 14:17)! Yet too many of us go through the hours of our day negligent to hosting His Presence.

Let us not become Believers who know there is a “potential party”, but Believers who take the time every single morning to unwrap and decorate our heart with His Presence.

How about you?  What do you think of when you see a party in a package? 

Try searching the back of your Bible for the following words:

celebration, feast

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What do I do with Picture Parable of the Week?

Look at the picture and ask God what He wants to reveal to you through the picture.

1) Listen to what He says, enjoy it & share it with us!


2) Search the Word of God (the Bible) for any and all that you can find in connection to the picture, enjoy it & share it with us!


Let’s magnify God, share this picture parable with family & friends!


Do you have a picture you want to share?

Email it to me at JamyeSack@gmail.com.


What’s a parable?

Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Why do we do Picture Parables of the Week?

Want more information about parables?

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