What I Learned from Christy B Wright at the Smart Conference 2015

Being a stay at home mom and a world renown speaker, #1 New York Times Best-Selling author, booming blogger and wife; sometimes life gets a bit chaotic.  In fact, there’s a lot of tension at times between work life and home life.

Problem: How do I achieve the work life and home life without losing my temper, emotionally eating, or going to our ____ {insert addiction of choice}.

Do you ever wonder how to do this too?

christy b wright

Who is she?  “Christy B. Wright, an experienced Certified Business Coach, works with business owners nationwide, speaking on topics such as personal development, goal setting and life balance.  She brought a powerful and quick 15 minute message to the platform.”

Christy was detailed with a crisp white blazer and she stepped onto that stage demanding our attention. I would describe her as sweet yet sassy.  She was a fire-ball with information to equip any woman (or man) trying to balance work life and home life.


What did I learn?  I learned that there is a tension between work life and home life that can be solved by avoiding to be the “superwoman” to everyone in every situation.  If there is a need, I do not have to be the one to fill it.  I can focus on what truly matters in life without doing it all.  Busy comes with a badge and I don’t need to wear it.  Therefore, my BusyBadge is for sale.  Anyone want to buy it?  {I’m joking!  Don’t buy it! I want us ALL to put down our Busy Badges and take up what truly matters in our lives.}

Why did this message stick?  I think this message stuck because Christy tells a story about her being in her first pregnancy, sick and curled up on the coach.  Her husband comes home and puts on his running shoes and is about to take a run.  She was so angry but realized that it got her jealous.  She wanted her life back!

Why does this message mean something to me? This message meant something because to me, I realize that at times I see others doing what I want to be doing.  Writing their second book, speaking every weekend to 1,000s of people, etc. and I think…I should be doing that too but I’m trying to be Martha Stewart in the kitchen.  And let’s just be honest here, I will never be Martha Stewart in the kitchen!  I just don’t have that gift-set.  {Insert long sigh here…}  But what I am is a gifted speaker when I do speak and motivational character {some call it a cheerleader}.  Whatever it is, I need to be me.  All that God has called me to be.  Then the tension will relax, and I will do what I am supposed to do.  This couch message stuck with me.


Are you a woman with a business in your heart?  Go to Business Boutique and consider joining Christy B. Wright and an exceptional team to inspire, equip and motivate you to “earn money doing what you love.”  I’m thinking that next year I will be speaking there too with my “Unlocking Your Potential” message!  Love this woman and her vision for you!!


All my love from the #Smart2015 Conference!


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