[FREE Printable] Two Week Goal Calendar

I know that it’s not Monday (and every good start is a Monday, right?), but I just couldn’t wait to share.  With 92% of New Years resolutions a fail, I thought we could all use a little help.

2 week Goal Pic

If you are wanting to take some great steps into this New Year, consider writing down your ONE goal.  I have a FREE Two Week Goal Calendar that will help you write the goal and see your results.  It’s called “Ready. Set. GOAL!” because honestly, what else would it be called?  Isn’t that just the most hilarious and adorable name?

Maybe you just need to hear me say it.  You have to sustain the “GOOOO-AAAALLL” and say it with pizaaaz!  Like on a soccer field.  Robert LOVES it every time I say it…  but I sure LOVE the smirk he gives me when I say it! 😉

This entire last month I used the same format when I started my time in the gym.  It was a big shift in my schedule and lifestyle to get back into the gym.  I wanted to make sure that I stuck with what I committed to.  Therefore, I wrote it down.  This is how I used it.

How to Use Your FREE Two Week Goal Calendar

  1. Printed out the document
  2. Filled in the dates to match my month.
  3. Wrote how many times I wanted to do the goal in the GOAL part (e.g. pray for 5 minutes every morning, read 1 chapter in my Bible 5 days a week, walk 15 minutes a day for 7 days, drink 8 glasses of water 7 days a week…  you get the point).
  4. Filled in the days with a mini box (to be able to check later on when accomplished)
  5. Then placed that many number of check boxes in the “RESULTS” area.
  6. Wallah!  Be grateful that you did one week, then two weeks!

This is an example of one for Robert and his workout plan for the two weeks.

goal completed








Enjoy this FREE Two Week Goal Calendar.  Share the love, email this to a friend!

All my love as we aim to Live Intentionally Focused Everyday,


P.S. The current 8-week online groups are CLOSED, but if you are interested in joining future 8-week Mental Tools online group to get your body back into strength and health, let me know!  No commitments.  Just let me know if you are interested and the level of interest.  This way I can get a good snapshot as to the next groups and maybe, just maybe…. I can convince Robert that I should start a group SOONER than March 2016!!!  🙂

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