Days 21 to 25: Week 4 Weigh in!

The results are encouraging!  Not on the scale, of course.  If I was simply tracking my progress and evaluating my success based off of the scale then this week wouldn’t be a victory.  But why get on that soap box again, right?! When I evaluate my week I look at a few different things: Did […]

Day 17 of 60

Habits. I’m not sure why they’re so powerful, but they are. I was dressed and ready to get to the gym yesterday but I was in a meeting that was out of my control and took longer than expected.  Therefore, it was 10:50 a.m. and about 10 minutes away from naptime. I could’ve gone but […]

Day 2 of 60

Sorry if there was confusion yesterday.  I felt the need to start off today with the fact that I feel incredibly fantastic in my current health and body right now.  When January hit, I had been spot on my eating for more than 9 months.  In fact, I felt absolutely zero urge to binge, overeat, […]

Day 1 of 60

I really don’t want to tell you how much I weigh because to be honest, I hate comparison.  And my body composition is way different than yours.  But for the sake of transparency and clarity, I will.  I have nothing to hide and everything to gain. My lowest as of January was 138 pounds. I […]

What if you had this simple 4 step process?

Have you ever tried to start something but can’t seem to finish it? Yes. Me too.  Maaannnnny times! What’s missing is this simple 4-step process.  I know I fail anything unless I follow these 4 steps! In fact, when you begin to tell me just how disciplined I am, and how you are NOT disciplined, […]

Ever been in this situation?

Have you ever faced something in life that you just did not want to do?  Maybe you had to pay a bill, get the procedure, tackle the project, finish the assignment, take the test, confront a situation…  You know–facing something that you knew was going to be difficult.  Have you been there?  Yeah, me too. […]

These Before and After Photos Could Be You!

What’s better than getting healthy, lean and strong?  Inspiring and educating others in getting healthy, lean and strong! When a woman contacts me the first thing they want to know is: Will it work?  Can I do it? When I respond with an overwhelming “Yes!  Just look at the results!” They follow up with an […]

Group’s 4 Week Weight loss! [Announcement of NEW Groups Day & Time]

Let’s get honest here…. when I began this new food and fitness coaching business, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had a vision.  I had a heart.  And I had all the tools these women needed to transform their bodies. Did I think it would work? Yes…at least I hoped… it worked for me!  […]

[FREE Printable] Two Week Goal Calendar

I know that it’s not Monday (and every good start is a Monday, right?), but I just couldn’t wait to share.  With 92% of New Years resolutions a fail, I thought we could all use a little help. If you are wanting to take some great steps into this New Year, consider writing down your […]

[Promo Today 12/30] Register Here!

Register here.  To keep things simple just register you and your friend. I cannot wait to get to know you and see who YOU will reveal this 2016! *All registrants will be contacted by January 1, 2016 with registration confirmation and further details. All my love, Jamye