These Before and After Photos Could Be You!

What’s better than getting healthy, lean and strong?  Inspiring and educating others in getting healthy, lean and strong!

When a woman contacts me the first thing they want to know is:

Will it work?  Can I do it?

When I respond with an overwhelming “Yes!  Just look at the results!”

They follow up with an immediate: But I don’t have too much time…  I don’t work out…  I don’t know how to…  I’m not athletic… I’m more like a deer on roller skates!

I giggle inside and say “Then YOU are the perfect next She’s Strong in Mind & Body woman!”

shes strong 8 week course curriculum and coaching

This 8-week curriculum course is designed for the everyday woman.  YOU!

This program covers everything that your typical health program covers but it tackles one more thing: the MIND.

We have all done at least some type of diet or fitness program, and either gained the weight back or failed along the way.  What was missing?  The mental tools.

In an 8-week course we cover the following areas:

  • 8 Mental Tools Formula (created by me, Jamye Sack, M.Ed., and experienced body transformation guru!)
  • Food Plan (using a simple method called carb cycling…the easy way!)
  • Fitness Plan (if you can walk then you can do it! 😉

This 8 week course is offered in three different methods:

  1. 8-week group course (currently no groups available)
  2. 8-week one-on-one personal coaching (Curriculum & Coaching: 8-week online course PLUS weekly check-in and coaching with me!)
  3. 8-week independent course (Curriculum: you will receive access to the 8-week course online to complete on your own time and at your own pace)


The proof is always in the pudding….   Just look at these ladies below! 

One is mother of 4 who just had her 4th baby.  With 3 under three and the oldest being Downs, she is an inspiration to all she comes into contact with.  If this mom of 4 can do it, so can you!  She continues to get stronger (mentally and physically) along her journey as she is constantly telling me how these 8 mental tools are empowering her to such success!  Yay!!  I cannot wait to see who she will be in the next 12 weeks!  She’s inspiring, right!??!

Stephanie 12 weeks cropped


This woman is home-schooling (and need I say busy?!) mom of three girls.  She not only nailed the food and fitness but she excelled in the 8-mental tools formula!  In fact, she continued the journey on her own and didn’t need any additional coaching but used those 8-mental tools to continue to see results!  Wow! Inspired!

jennifer miller

Amazed?!  Yes!  Me too!  They inspire me…  Happy tears.

My passion is to help you on your journey.  I get the struggle.  I get the heartache.  And I get the frustrations.

How can I best serve you today to be the best YOU you can be?

Email me at or sign up by clicking the link below.

Click here to start your journey today!

All my love as we aim to Live Intentionally Focused Everyday!

Jamye 🙂


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