Progress Pics DOWN 15 Pounds!

The proof is in the pudding, right?  Or maybe not in this case.  The proof is in the PICTURES and the freedom I feel!  The proof is also in the fact that when I first started this journey, now eight weeks ago, I could hardly (nope) jump (nope) fight (nope) FORCE (yep!) my way into my jeans!  While preparing to take my “before” picture, I had to be careful not to bend over too much for fear that the back rear seam would split my favorite pants!

all 3 life happens pics with logo


Oh, the joys of emotional eating and getting off track, right?  {Silent laugh and cry combo}

Normally, I would’ve rearranged my closet to fit my current physical size.  But not this time.

I was, and am sick of yo-yo dieting!

I’m sick of the struggle with emotional eating.

I’m sick of being “on a diet-off a diet”…

I am sick of being asked “is that in your diet?”

I’m sick of being asked “When are you done with this?”

I’m sick of this rat race to be strong and healthy.

I decided that I don’t want to be sick anymore.  So I’m changing.

Therefore, instead of giving in and chalking it up as another season of my “off-season” of gaining _____ pounds, I decided to dig deep and get to the bottom of this.  I knew there had to be a solution!  I know that I’m not the only one that rearranges my closet due to current physical status vs the weather.  Skinny jeans to the side, and jeans that actually fit in the front!  Ever been there?


During the first four weeks I researched, I dug deep, I studied and I kept coming upon answer after answer!  I was, and am, astounded!!

Could this battle with our weight be so much more than about the right “diet” or “fitness program”??!  Could this battle with the pudge be more than about getting older and blaming it on hormones?!  Could there really be an answer to all of this??


Our mind.

It’s the secret sauce to any battle.

World influential Christian speaker and author, Joyce Meyer, in her book titled “Battlefield of the Mind” is a #1 best-selling book selling millions and millions of copies to people who are looking for answers in their mind…  I get it!  Obviously, I’m not the first to recognize this battle! 😉


Wow, this blog post was not supposed to be like this.  I just wanted to show you my progress pics after 8 weeks!

  • Down 15 pounds,
  • a couple of sizes
  • and feeling STRONG!  Physically and MENTALLY!!

When I had my trainer (last year), I got these results after 10 weeks, not 8. BIG WIN for me!!! And during that time I nailed every bite 100% (it was emotionally exhauuuuuusting!).  And, I only got one free meal every other week!  OHHH the white knuckles of it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the tools needed to get me to STICK to the “diet” after LIFE started Happening {extended family health issues, cancer in the family, post-poned adoption, miscarriage, post partum depression, etc} …  I felt deprived and fell off the wagon.  A slow fall, mind you.  I battled it with her by my side for four months…  but I had no tools.  No answers.  It wasn’t her fault at all.  I just needed more mental help than her diet and fitness plan could offer me.

So, ladies…  here we have it!

EIGHT Weeks and you will have the tools to START and STICK to your FITNESS & FOOD Goals this year!!!

Check out a few of the things you’ll receive with this program.

Oh, but first, check out my pics!  I am no supermodel.  I’m not the fittest person out there.  But I’d like to say that I am real, and I get it.  I get the struggle.  I get the frustration.  And I get you.  I think we’re really more alike than you think.  In fact, we’re in this together.  And together, WE CAN and WE WILL win this battle!!!

8 week progress pics

Program Information

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Please indicate on the following note if you would like to break the payments down into 2 payments verses 1 payment.  😉

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