[24 hours only] Special Discount on 8-week program

It’s one of those gifts that I’ve been dying to share with you!  But, I’ve practiced my self-control.  Yes, I have an “after-Christmas-Before-New-Years” ONE DAY ONLY discount for my new 8-week mind, fitness and food program!

The evening group is closed but there are still a few more spots available in the Wednesday morning group (9:30 am PST)!  Spots fill up in the order received.  The catch?  It’s only offered on Wednesday, December 30th!  Yes, that’s right.  24 hour deal only!

1 day discount.jpg

What’s the deal?

$239 for the online 8-week course

BUT, because I am 100% for you reaching your goals and doing it with others, you can sign up and get ONE more group registrant for ONLY $20.16!!!  Yes, Twenty Dollars and Sixteen cents!!!!  (You and your BFF, neighbor, co-worker, sister, mother, cousin, or barista can figure out who gets to pay what… wink wink.  And maybe, just maybe, you will bless them this year with a $20.16 only registration!)  😉



What if I already registered and paid the $239?

Fantastic!  You can find a friend to sign up for $20.16!  Just have your friend indicate your name when signing up. 

What if I can’t pay right now and need to wait for the first of the month?

No worries!  Paypal payments accept all credit and debit cards and will not be due until January 4, 2016.

Can I sign up on January 1st?

Yes, for $239 but not for this $20.16 one day only discount and as long as spots are still available.


I am looking forward to this new year and the new you!  Forward this email to a friend, and don’t forget to have them sign up!  If you are interested in this deal and will need a reminder when Wednesday rolls around.  Please feel free to sign up on this form below and I will send you a quick reminder email.

All my love as we aim to Live Intentionally Focused Everyday!



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