FREE Downloadable Outlines for My 8-Week Coaching Course

Do you want to know a little more about what exactly you’re signing up for?!  I am so excited!  I cannot wait.  So, here it is.  Fresh off the press!  My three 8-week outlines available for you!

If you’re anything like me then I like to know DETAILS!  So for our “overplanning” enjoyment, I’ve downloaded the three outlines for my up and coming 8-week online course for you!

3 overviews

8 week overview mind

8 week overview food

8 week overview fitness

There are two options for the course:

  1. One-on-One coaching
  2. Group coaching (two available class times are Mondays 8 pm PST & Wednesdays 9:30 am PST)

Check out what plan will work for you.

I’ve catered this plan to the busy women out there!

Workouts are never more than 30 min a day for 5 days a week.

  • No gym.
  • No equipment.
  • No travel time.
  • No counting calories.
  • No weighing food.
  • No going crazy!

Let me come along side you and help you START and STICK to your Food and Fitness goals.


My brand new 8 week overview mind.  These tools will not only help you in your food and fitness goals, but you’ll find yourself using them in every area of your life! ha!  I use them every single day!

I’ve used 8-mental tools to fit back into my pants, get from over 20% bodyfat down to 12.5%, lose 13 pounds (or more) of fat in the last 6 weeks while still eating the foods I love!  Yes, I’m not joking!  Candy, cupcakes, ice cream, pizza, …  It’s not extreme (as I’m always prone to do…this is NOT that!) …  It’s about the rhythm, and knowing how our bodies and mind work.

Consider joining me for one of the 8-week courses.  Starts the week of January 4th!  Spots are limited.

Looking forward to serving you this year!

transformation pregnancy one full picture with description

Living Intentionally Focused Everyday,

All my love,



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