One reason why we must be so insecure

When I stare at the mirror in the morning, I’m not always impressed.  Rarely do I say to myself “Wow, your smeared make-up, roots growing into your non-blonde hair, your eye boogies, and the works are adorably lovely!”

Rarely do I look at my reflection and think….  “God has plans for you.  You have potential. Go get it, girl!”

Nope.  Don’t do that.  That’s not my initial reaction.

Often times it goes into sub-conscious rants of…

“you should’ve…

you could’ve…

why didn’t you…

you shouldn’t have…

If only you would…”

Sometimes, they are so automatic that I’m not keenly aware that they are taking place.  But when I stop.  Look.  Listen.

I capture them.  Analyze them.  And realize I have got to change this.

One reason why we must be so insecure

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But I’ve come to realize that this isn’t in every season of my life.  For example, I go back to the time when I blogged on a secret anonymous blog for about 6 months.  I documented my entire day, every day for one woman.  Why?  Because I wanted her to believe in herself again.  To believe in who God had created her to be.

So I lived up to my own standards.  But not for me.  For HER!  I wanted her to be the best SHE that she could be.  So I lived the best ME that I could live.  And as a result, I started living the best ME that I had ever seen.  {We’re better together, right?!}

It was the time that I got my body from OVER 20% bodyfat to 12.5% bodyfat.  Weighing in at a strong 130 pounds, 5 foot almost 7 inches (just give it to me! 😉 And out of this strength, I wrote my 12-week woman’s Bible study called “The Red Carpet Heart.”

transformation pregnancy one full picture with description

I woke up those mornings and didn’t attack myself.  I knew who I was in Christ.  I knew how beautiful my body was.  Even with all the flaws, there was something I was proud of.  You know what it was, I think?

I knew what to do, and I did it.

Insecurity.  It’s a beast.  But there’s a root to it all.

What if it’s because you and I know that deep down inside, we do have potential!!  There’s a stronger body.  There’s a better attitude.  There’s a better retirement plan.  There’s better health.  Better finances.  A better marriage.  Better parenting.  Better relationships.  …

We KNOW that we are capable of more.  Yet.  We’re not doing it.

If someone asks us our advice, we can give it to them.  Can’t we?! 

Could it be because we are living in the tension of …

I know what to do, yet I am not doing it.

What a gap.  The larger the gap, the larger the insecurity.

Could it be?

What if today we do one behavior that closes that gap?  Could we be heading in the right direction with our self-esteem?  I think so.  In fact, I know so.

For the last several weeks I have been living intentionally focused on food.  Why?  Because #LifeHappens.  I started to lose confidence in my own body.  (Full video story here.)  But as I lick my own wounds.  I must be honest with you and say that these last several weeks haven’t been easy in the moment.  But in the morning, I feel incredible!  Proud that I closed the gap of “I know how to eat… So I did it.”

That cohesion fuels me.  It feels good.

How Can I Serve You?

What if you and I did that together?  What if we were honest with ourselves?  Maybe we wouldn’t worry about the person next to us and instead, worry about our own behaviors.  Our own lives.

I’m thinking that maybe we can then step into a whole new self.  And be a whole new woman for God’s glory.

Just some thoughts after my sleep deprived night of tending to a little one with the stomach flu.

So the one reason we must be so insecure is because of this GAP.  So let’s close it.  Let’s do what we know to do.

It’s not perfect.  But it’s a start!

What could you do today that would be consistent with who you KNOW YOU are on in the inside?

Love that person?

Spend time with our God?

Eat breakfast?

Refuse the ice cream?

Just one thing.  And maybe that could snowball into a whole new you!

Just some thoughts.  How about it?  Let’s work together and close our insecurity gaps?!

Looking for more help then a simple blog post?  Consider allowing me to come alongside you and serve you in your fitness and food goals this year!

Check out my packages on this link.

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All my love as we aim to Live Intentionally Focused Everyday!


Every heard about my 50th wedding anniversary dream (in 40 years)?!  Read about it here and ask yourself “What are you dreaming about?”

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