Day 1 of 40. What Did We Just Sign Up For?!

Today is Day 1 of 40. What if we did this for today?  But what if we did it for 40 days?! {If you’ve heard my rant about this then scroll passed this to today’s account below the (*******) line} Our goal for 40 days is to strengthen and nourish our spirit, soul and body.  Sounds so […]

One reason why we must be so insecure

When I stare at the mirror in the morning, I’m not always impressed.  Rarely do I say to myself “Wow, your smeared make-up, roots growing into your non-blonde hair, your eye boogies, and the works are adorably lovely!” Rarely do I look at my reflection and think….  “God has plans for you.  You have potential. […]

Why This Beautiful Woman Interrupted My Message

There is funny…  and then there’s I’m shaking my head in “can you say that?” while hysterically laughing funny.  That was Michael Jr. The only thing was that his funny turned into serious.  Serious and meaningful. Deep and thought provoking. A little shocking. It stuck. Problem: What we do in life might be with the […]

Have you ever struggled with this one emotion?

What a weekend that was! Celebrating 10 years of marriage. Alone time with Robert. Being equipped and inspired with 5,000 other people. Words cannot express this weekend. Yet, words cannot express the feelings I felt prior to the weekend.  The invisible words pinging through my mind and heart prior to departure… You see, it wasn’t […]

How To Cross The Finish Line

Could you imagine working hard for years only to find that you gave up right before your victory?  All that hard work resulted in nothing but a waste of time.  Sure, you might have “learned a lot” along the way, but you never tasted the success you were once driven to see.  What would that life be […]

5 Keys To Walking Through Your Impossibles

Realities are a part of life.  Car payments, medical bills, doctor’s reports, and lay off notices.  Things that burden us or cause us heartache.  Things that we have no human control over. There are also the realities of wanting more, bigger, better, or the best for our lives.  The realities of our dreams.  “Wouldn’t it […]