Day 2 of 40: It’s A Low Carb Day… Argh!

Today is Day 2 of 40. What if we did this for today?  But what if we did it for 40 days?! {If you’ve heard my rant about this then scroll passed this to today’s account below the (*******) line} Our goal for 40 days is to strengthen and nourish our spirit, soul and body.  Sounds so sophisticated […]

Are You “Salty” or Salt?

Whenever I see salt I think of a number of different things from God’s perspective, but one that sings loudly is God asking me: Are you “salty” or “salt”?  We are daily given the opportunity to respond to a number of different people in various situations.  I see this picture and it reminds me to question […]

How To Cross The Finish Line

Could you imagine working hard for years only to find that you gave up right before your victory?  All that hard work resulted in nothing but a waste of time.  Sure, you might have “learned a lot” along the way, but you never tasted the success you were once driven to see.  What would that life be […]