What I Never Expected to See in the Mirror

I never thought this would really happen…. today mark’s 5 weeks for me. No, not my post baby weight loss journey. That was going FABULOUS!!! …That’s until the phone call came on January 15th that froze my mind, heart and confused me to smithereeenz.  I knew I had some spots on me that could be […]

One reason why we must be so insecure

When I stare at the mirror in the morning, I’m not always impressed.  Rarely do I say to myself “Wow, your smeared make-up, roots growing into your non-blonde hair, your eye boogies, and the works are adorably lovely!” Rarely do I look at my reflection and think….  “God has plans for you.  You have potential. […]

What Clues Are You Leaving To Your Children?

Robert and I headed to our hotel room after the Smart Conference.  While waiting for the elevator I turned around and there she was!  Dr. Meg Meeker.  Immediately I lost all composure and thanked her for making us cry during her message!  It wasn’t just me with tears.  Men all over the auditorium were weeping.  […]

5 Ingredients To A Productive Family Gathering

During this holiday season you’ll most likely be spending a portion of it with family.  If not family, friends as close as family.  That gathering can look like a tame family gathering, or a wild gathering where people leave injured, hurt, or wounded.  Maybe you’ve been wounded before or maybe you’re the one doing the wounding. Before […]